Monday, August 9, 2010

P90X Round 3 Lean Week 3 Kenpo

The weekend weather was fabulous, and I had a great weekend catching up with old friends at the reunion and being productive all about ME.

I also got in touch with a few leads, which makes me very happy that this may open more doors to touch more lives with getting healthy. (In Kansas at least) I was asked to write a newsletter for a company there on health and wellness and I am super thrilled!

So its back to reality and working towards my fitness goals, trying to replace sugar with fruits. All in all, I think I did pretty good with diet and workouts and am really looking forward to another Yoga class at Yoga to Go with Linda. I am glad I switched my off day to Sunday instead of today, I needed the rest :-) so here is my Monday workout. (weird huh?)

Today's workout:
P90X Round 3 Lean Week 3 Day 1

Workout - P90X Kenpo
Mood - Good Morning
Wt - 121
Time of workout = I did 45 minutes
Cals burned = ?

25 of each move unless specified 1 set per leg.

Jab twists
Jab upper cuts
Jab, cross hooks, uppercut

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Step drag punch, punch
Jab, cross, switch
Hook, uppercut, switch
Knee kicks - 20 slow - 10 doubles fast
Ball kicks - 30 single doubles
Side kicks - 30

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Back kicks - 25
3 direction kicks - 24
Sword hammer - 15
Claw punch - 25

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

30 Each:
Blocks front
Blocks corner
Inward Blocks
Downward Blocks

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Star Blocks 16
High block low punch 2x25
Knee back kick 2x30
Back knuckle ball kick/back kick 2x10
Hook upper cut low side kick 2x10
Elbow series 30
Vertical punches 100
Walking combo 30

Weekend workouts:

Sunday - Off day (switched this due to the reunion)

Saturday workout:

Workout Legs & Back and Yoga (Replacing P90X Legs and Back & Yoga X all in 1 day)
Mood - Happy
Wt - 121
Time of workout = 1 hour 45 min
Cals burned = 411

(At the gym 8am-9am)
Squats 70lb 3x12
Standing glute press 40lb 3x12
Laying glute press 55lb 3x12
Lat pull downs 50lb 3x12
Reverse flys 30lb 3x10
Back extension 40lb 2x20

1 Hour Yoga class at Yoga To Go - I loved this Class!

I learned 3 really great yoga moves and even did a video on one of them that I hope to post by the weekend.


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