Wednesday, August 18, 2010

P90X Round 3 Week 4 Core Synergistics

Good news, my iPad I won is being shipped out! I got the email yesterday from Examiner. com that it was in from Apple...and on its way out to ME!

(Also if your looking to make extra money, its a great company they are recruting but please use me as a referal as I get credit)

I was going to sell it but thanks to MARINEMAMA and RACHEL_MAC and Anna at church, they have tempted me to keep it because of how awesome it is!

Love you peeps!

Very productive last night, working on my website links and changing my domains FINALLY!

Do you ever have a project you just keep putting off? That was mine :-)

Today....Core Synergistics, love this workout. It flies by for me, and I love all the moves but the 2 switching Banana Bow, Superman Boat only because sometimes they hurt my lower back.

So if you have these issues just do what I do, pick one of the two to do. Usually I will pick Bow then Superman. Or I will do both, but slower then they do so feel free to modify if you are doing the P90X program or if you need help let me know.

My favorite move?

Lunge kickback curl press! This blast all areas big and small muscle groups. If you want to try it imagine a walking lunge 2 forward, turn and 2 back.

Get down in regular lunge with db at side, lean forward keeping a straight back, holding in your abs, kick back the db like a tricep kickback then return to sides with arms straight.
Then lean back up in regular lunge position, do a db curl, then take them up to a shoulder press, back to db curl then back to sides.
Lunge forward opposite leg and repeat.

Oh yeah!

Your basically doing:
Walking lunge working legs & glutes
Tricep kickback
Bicep curl
Shoulder press

I do this with a 5lb db, because you do 2 full minutes and you HAVE to keep your abs contracted to save the back.

After workout smoothie:
1 cup strawberries
1 scoop vanilla whey protein
1 tsp olive oil
1/4 water

P90X Round 3 Week 4 Day 2 (Recovery)

Workout - Core Synergistics
Wt - 121
Mood - Smiles
Time of workout = 45 mins
Cals = 284

Stacked foot pushups - 15
Banana Roll Boats - 24
Leaning Crescent Lunge - 24
Squat run w/3lb DB 1 Min
Sphinx pushups - 10
Super man Boats - 15
Low lateral skaters - 30
Lunge reach w/5lb DB - 30
Prison pushups to max - 10
Side hip raise - 12
Squat X Press w/3lb DB - 30
Plank tatarunga runs - 10 sec switch 1 min
Walking pushups - 20
Lunge kickback curl press - 5lb db 2 min
Towel hopping 1 min


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