Friday, August 6, 2010

30 Year High School Reunion

Tigers Class of 1980 Rules!

This weekend is my 30 year high school reunion and I am super duper excited to see everyone. But I can't believe how fast time has gone, I mean am I really that OLD? I sure don't think of myself old but I remember when I was a little girl I thought my mom looked old at 40 sheesh what was I thinking?

Many of our classmates still live in our home town area, but its funny because I never run into them around town! I keep in contact with about 4 really tight, and about another 20 on face book.

My girlfriend Diane and I are going together, STAG. (Hello, girls night out!)

We are getting all dialed up in black for the event. I will be wearing of course a backless halter, and she will be wearing a little black dress with a T strap back. HAWT! You should see the shoes she is wearing OMG and I am just wearing some old ones I have saving the money, hoping no one will notice at all.

Last night I decided to do a dance-a-thon!

I worked up a huge calorie burn, sweating like crazy till I just couldn't dance no more. Everything from cardio dance to contemporary and lots of shadow dancing too. Yes, T. can entertain herself lol.......

Today's workout was just a 10 minute stretch. LAME huh? (ACTUALLY I was running around looking for my Zumba music, its lost :-( so sad)
Friday Stats:
Wt - 121.5
BF% 24.1
BMI 20.8

Since Saturday will be a full schedule, I decided to skip Yoga X this morning and just relax SWEET!

I did not meet my HAWT body goal, but I am fine with that I am still moving forward and doing the P90X program till completion.

Saturdays plan is:
7.30-8.30 at the gym - Legs and Cardio
8.45- 9am - Rinse off, go to the bank, have breakfast
9.45 - 11am - Yoga to go 1 hour class
11 am - Shower and exfoliate have mid morning snack
11.30am - Go for a spray tan
1-2pm Power nap - lunch
3-5pm Give myself a cotton candy french mani and pedi
5pm After lunch snack
5.30pm Start getting dialed up

Sunday if the weather is nice, after church I want to head to the river and just relax.


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