Wednesday, March 31, 2010

STOP Whining Get Busy

The only way things are going to change are if you MAKE them! So I'm on a mission to get busy with some ACTION and not with my in whining. Take it to the next level, clean up your eating and push yourself on those last few reps......then it all clicks, it all happens.

Sure its hard!
Sure it sucks!
Sure I may not want to!

Too BAD T.!

It's so easy to stay comfortable and do what we have always done, (hit the snooze not 2 times but 3!) but that does not get change. I think you have to dig deep and find what you really want, set the vision in front of you and go for that vision RELENTLESSLY.

If it was easy, everyone would have it and believe me they DON'T. "You have to do what others won't to get what others don't have."

Can't get that by excuses, whining or without ACTION!

Don't kid yourself, your only making it harder on yourself by not "bucking up" and knowing where your short comings are. You do know, and you know all your weaknesses and temptations and knowing is half the battle. Use that information, and get busy don't whine, OVERCOME!

So April is going to be all about ACTION and I intend on making sure I stick with all the things on the list even when I don't want to. Yeah eating weird stuff, missing my "naners" and smoothies and being sore all the time 24/7.

Too bad, I got myself in this MESS with this muffy top, bad sugar diet eating monster, and I have to get myself out of it and so can you.

Putting on my BIG GIRL PANTIES, ready for ACTION! Last day of the month, MAKE IT COUNT!

After workout snack - 1/2 scoop whey protein, 1 cup almond milk, 1/3 tbs olive oil (See what I mean?)

YogaMelt Level 1 - Body weight workout - Be comfortable being
uncomfortable. JM

Mood - GREAT
Wt - 121
Cals burned - 65

Warm up
Mountain pose & Breathing

Crescent lunges lifts
Chateranga pushup
Sun salutation
Warrior lunges - R leg
Camel heel touches
Rolling T-Side planks
Warrior lunges - L leg
Camel heel touches
Sun salutation
Warrior 3 - R leg holding leg pose
Elbow to plank to dolphin
Warrior 3 - L leg holding leg pose
Elbow to plank to dolphin

Cool down
Single leg bent reach stretch
Twisting spinal stretch

Will do run/inclines at lunch today....NO EXCUSES I MAKE IT HAPPEN!

ps- here is my article about healthy chocolate (incase you want to be a little bad lol)


  1. Love this post today! Exactly what I needed to hear. I am finishing my 7th week strong and feel good.

  2. Thats a good talk you gave yourself for sure your self is going to take it all in and stand by you.
    Its hard for sure...but when you get the body you want it will have been so worth it.
    Nothing in life comes go proud of you and look towards you for inspiration.

  3. just found you -- look forward to following your journey!!

  4. I like that "putting on big girl panties" LOL!

    YOU are so right...WE all have to make our minds up and keep it SET on our goals, dreams, what WE want from OUR lives and go after it! I like the expression......forget the 'wishbone' mentality get the 'backbone' mentality!