Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Does Your Swimsuit Have Emotions?

NO EXCUSES... I Make it Happen! (Me in 8 weeks YIKES!)

Last night, no sweets at bible study for me. I passed the cookies right up and stuck with salad and pork. I am reaching for 5 good things a day.

Set the goal 5 things = 35 at the end of the week.
No more whinny pitty party, I don't have time and I don't need it either. I have made excuses way too long, now its time to kick my own butt!

So the "nice girl' attitude is changing! It's all about being a mean, lean fighting machine because that swimsuit does not care what I look like in it. It does not have feelings or emotions I DO!

I am the one that has to feel sexy and good in it, all it does is get to enjoy the view and the water, and the lovely sun warming it making it all cozy. NOT me, I have to feel everything, is anything jiggling? Is anything rolling over? Do I look bloated?

NO EXCUSES... I make it happen.

I don't want any of those feelings at all so I am hard at work, using my JM workouts the rest of the month. If JM can't kick my butt then NO ONE can but ME!

Yesterday, got in my 20 minute run, and 20 min inclines and it felt GREAT! Our weather was a perfect sunny 57, T. was very happy. Tonight is the chiropractor for maintenance.....then WATCH OUT!

Here is my workout, my post workout snack 1 scoop whey with 1/2 choc low fat soy. The more I do this, the more I sweat REALLY!

JM Yoga MeltDown Level 2

(This is Hybrid yoga using your own body strength training for lean muscles - JM)

Mood - happy
Wt - 119
Time of workout = 35 mins
Cals burned = 76

All moves are followed by 15 sec pose hold

Warm up:
3 Sun salutations w/leaning back bends

Bent knee triangle w/lifts and arm overhead - R
Revolving triangle - R
Halfmoon leg lifts
Full moon
Bent knee triangle w/lifts and arm overhead - L
Revolving triangle - L
Halfmoon leg lifts
Full moon
Chair lifts
Leg ext big toe hold - L
Twisting crescent - R
Goddess lifts
Leg ext big toe hold - R
Twisting crescent - L
Boat pose toe taps
Tabletop lifts - L
Leg lowers straight leg - 3 count
Boat post toe taps
Tabletop lifts - R
Leg lowers straight leg - 3 count

Wheel - this is a back bend

Cool down:
Staff pose
Twisting spinal stretch


PS: Here is my take on the Biggest loser last night


  1. YOU go Ms. Trainer T!!!!!!!!!!! Was that amazing or what last night at how much weight the blue team lost! HOLY crap!

  2. Yes it was, and thank you so much for the support. I enjoy seeing how far they all go, and hope they keep the lifestyle.

    I am having a love/hate with Jillian right now!