Thursday, April 1, 2010

ACTION APRIL How I Stay Motivated

" Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what? Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful." Mark Victor Hansen

I am all about ACTION April right now, NO slacking!

2 Days in a row, NO snooze button I popped right up out of bed on the first alarm sounding....yup right to ACTION! I can't really blame my motivation for that I think its because spring is here and that always makes me feel better, want to get up earlier and accomplish things.

Some ways to keep motivated and take action that I use is:

Wake up to music, a buzz puts me in a BAD mood

Cute workout clothes, who cares who sees me its for ME

Gratitude's, I say them right when I get up. From being alive to having a home, food and family and everything thing else. These few minutes set the tone for the day GRATEFULNESS

Grab my love handles, right when I sit on the potty in the morning.....time to get to work! Nuff said......

Stretch, a good morning stretch makes me come alive and be less lazy...really exhale it feels so good

Drink 1 full glass of cold water right away, awakes the soul (or until I can't swallow no more)

March....just march while I brush my teeth

Head into my fitness studio, where I do 50-100 jumping jacks right away......T. doesn't mess around I need ENERGY!

Keep my belly sucked in, keeps me feeling strong and supports my back and core

If I am doing yoga, I get my mat and then I just do some neck rolls getting loose and get ready to roll putting on my yoga paws

If I am doing strength training then I do a few standing fast toe touches, some arm swings right and left, then get my db lined up. This keeps me energized to be picking up and switching dumb bells.

If I am going to do a cardio session I do jumping jacks 50-100 followed by neck rolls, shoulder rolls, tippy toe to heal up and downs, standing hamstring stretches, put on my music and hit the pavement.

Always stay in motion, that's what keeps the motivation

Never stretch cold, I get up right from bed so start with ballistic movement stretches not holding stretches or static on a cold body. That is why I always use marches to jumping jacks as my warm up

On your recovery to your static stretches, laying hamstring stretch and runners lunges, shoulder and tri stretches things like that, holding stretches

Music is the key element for movement, faster music faster cardio

I don't eat anything before a cardio session of 30-45 mins if its going to be longer then that I will have a granola, and whey - carb-protein combo

For strength training days, I stay motivated by a 10 min cardio warm up then hit the weights. I have whey protein prior to my session, followed by carbs and whey after

I always do splits, if I do cardio in the morning (6.15-6.30am) I will do ST at night. If I do weights in the morning, I do cardio 45 mins - 60 min at night (sometimes 1/2 at lunch 1/2 after dinner)

Breathe, if I run long distance I use sugar free altoid mints in my jaws 1 each side and I breathe through my nose, mint = ENERGY

When I am done, I thank my body for a good workout. That keeps me motivated. Thanking me for my hard work and efforts to be healthy.

These are just what work for me, you may have better ideas but the bottom line is find a way to keep you going forward, pushing to do more and be the BEST that you can be. Perfect is NOT an option, it is NOT attainable. (Except for God)

Yesterday I also got in the 45 minute incline walk and burned an additional 158 cals, Go T. Should get my walk in today as well.

JM Yoga MeltDown Level 2 (This is Hybrid yoga using your own body strength training for lean muscles - JM)

Mood - happy
Wt - 120
Time of workout = 35 mins
Cals burned = 76

All moves are followed by 15 sec pose hold

Warm up:
3 Sun salutations w/leaning back bends

Bent knee triangle w/lifts and arm overhead - R
Revolving triangle - R
Halfmoon leg lifts
Full moon
Bent knee triangle w/lifts and arm overhead - L
Revolving triangle - L
Halfmoon leg lifts
Full moon
Chair lifts
Leg ext big toe hold - L
Twisting crescent - R
Goddess lifts
Leg ext big toe hold - R
Twisting crescent - L
Boat pose toe taps
Tabletop lifts - L
Leg lowers straight leg - 3 count
Boat post toe taps
Tabletop lifts - R
Leg lowers straight leg - 3 count

Wheel - this is a back bend

Cool down:
Staff pose
Twisting spinal stretch



  1. I need you to motivate me to get going again....was so good with my training while on holiday as it was hot and now back in Germany its cold and I am struggling - Tuesday is D-Day for me...please feel free to send me motivational talks etc....I really need it.

  2. LMAO.........LOVE the sitting on the toilet holding the LOVE handles!!!!! Girl...EXCELLENT post! EXCELLENT post!!!!!


    Thanks for the love, to chica!!!! XOXOXO

  3. Mary,
    Thanks hon, you just RAWK!

    On my way over to your blog sweetie.

  4. Great blog girl! Thanks for the tips