Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Oh stop all the whining T. its a new diet, NOT the end of the world! Sigh....you have only less then 5 weeks till your on the BEACH so DO IT!

You want to look good don't you?
You want to reach your goal don't you?
You want to feel good don't you?
You want to wear the new cute shorts you got don't you?
You want to wear the bikini and NOT the tankini don't you?
You want to wear the adorable mini skirt don't you?

Well then listen up T. and be "NIKE-LIKE" AND JUST DO IT!

Eat what your supposed to, no MORE no less

Get your workouts in, STOP the excuses

Don't be tempted to eat after dinner

Add weights and do them till you DROP...D-R-O-P!

Keep motivated with some NEW music, LOAD IT UP!

Take that Zumba class, I don't care how tired you are at 7pm

No shopping or errands at lunch, only walks or runs

Inclines, inclines, INCLINES

You got new running shoes, NOW use them 3 times a week you will feel better once you start running

Eat mini-sugar free Altoids when you want sugar

Handstand push ups, MORE

Hoolahoop 3 times a week at 1-3 minutes each session

Enjoy and get used to being VERY sore


Get up on the first ALARM, NO SNOOZE BUTTON

Keep the sweets out of the house, and the MOUTH

No chips or crackers IN THE HOUSE

Only Yogurt non-fat for treats

If I want it, I need to DO IT even if Dancing With The Stars is on its just dancing not the end of the world

One leg chair squats 2 x a day...EVERY DARN DAY

NO Smoothies (HUGE sigh...)

Make it happen, I am in control DO IT for me

Mind over matter, WINS!

Here is my workout today and my post workout meal (which I put in the blender)
1/2 c Strawberries
1/3 tbs olive oil
1 scoop vanilla ice cream 100% whey
1 c cold water

Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout
Workout - Upper Body
Time of workout = 20 min
Cals burned = ?

Warm up 5 minutes:

High knees w/hands alt sides
Reach and pull
Shoulder roll front and back
Squat arms over head
Closed arm side twist
Knee kicks - R
Hip thrust
Hip thrust w/ arm throws overhead
Closed arm twist with toe twists
Knee kicks - L
Hip circles
Rear lunge R and L
Side lunge side to side swiftly

Bicep curl - 10lb db
Shoulder over head press - 10lb db
Side rows - 25lb db
Side lunge R & L bicep - 10lb db
Side lunge R & L tricep - 10lb db
Hammer raises - 10lb db
Plank rows - 10lb db
Push ups - 2x15
Plank lateral lift - 5lb db
Bridge tricep lift 2x20



  1. Good luck
    you can do it
    you have the will
    you have the want
    you have it in you
    you can do it
    I know you can!!

  2. You got what it takes
    You know what to do
    You inspire others
    You teach others
    You will receive because you believe

    YOU........need I say more!:)

    GO get um girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!