Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NO EXCUSES I Make It Happen!

Taught Ball Class last night for 30 minutes. I mixed these 3 workouts from Sparks Coach Nicole into a nice well rounded session. Pre-workout snack - 1 scoop whey protein 1/2 c low fat soy.

15 min ball workout coach Nicole

8 min lower body workout with coach Nicole

5 min booty workout with coach Nicole

Then I got home and did my JM Yoga Meltdown Level 1 workout. Had my salad with chicken, NO cheese, checked emails and called it a night. Today is supposed to be nice out, so I am doing a run/walk inclines at lunch then bible study tonight. I won't have time to do a workout after work, but since my back is in need of adjusting I will just stretch. Tomorrow I go to the chiropractor after work, woo woo!


I am so challenged by living with someone that temps me with "cheats" that I must make NO exceptions at all, what so ever if I am to reach my goals. It's just a small this or that, but those this or that's are keeping the UGLY cellulite over my beautiful A-M-A-Z-I-N-G abs that I have worked so hard for.

No one can bring me this goal but ME!

Only myself can say yes or no to what I put in my mouth and my mind is going to change the habit about sugar, it can and it WILL!

Yesterday I got sent a link with some fabulous swimsuits...talk about motivation, I'm not going to say its going to be easy it won't. But its not about easy, its about dedication and loyalty to my body.

YogaMelt Level 1
Time of workout = 40 mins
Cals burned = 120

Body weight workout - Be comfortable being un-comfortable. JM

Warm up
Mountain pose & Breathing

Cresent lunges lifts
Chateranga pushup
Sun salutation
Warrior lunges - R leg
Camel heel touches
Rolling T-Side planks
Warrior lunges - L leg
Camel heel touches
Sun salutation
Warrior 3 - R leg holding leg pose
Elbow to plank to dolphin
Warrior 3 - L leg holding leg pose
Elbow to plank to dolphin

Cool down
Single leg bent reach stretch
Twisting spinal stretch
Single leg bent forward laying stretch

No EXCUSES......... I make it happen!


  1. Hey girl...wouldn't matter if it was at home or in life...temptations are EVERYWHERE but YOU got the mindset to ACHIEVE GREAT things! We are each accountable for what we do or don't do in a day, eat or dont eat.......I always walk out of the room go in the bedroom re-group and come back refreshed! At work...I go to the ladies room alot I work with people who eat junk ALL day..they must think I have bathroom issues sometimes! LOL!

    There is nothing greater than putting on a bathing suit and feeling great on the inside and out!

    Keep on Keepin on girl...summer is almost here time to show off that HOT body of yours!

  2. Mary,
    Thanks for your words of wisdome and encouragement I need them!