Thursday, March 25, 2010

How To Get To A Whole New level of "WOW!"

Stop eating things that are not good for you, that's why you feel bloated and have a belly ache when you do

Don't buy the bad stuff, its a hard habit to break even I need baked chips with my salad, but try for the best option you can afford

Do it for you. Don't let others belittle you and say your already thin enough, or you will never stick to your diet. Others are watching YOU trust me you are setting the bar

When temptation hits, say CANCEL, CANCEL! You might just be bored, or mindless eating its a habit that the mind can change. Try it, it does work then get water, and get moving.

Keep a clean house, vacuum everyday, sweep or scrub, it all burns calories plus it makes you feel better

Get rid of clutter, it distracts your mind journey. Put only inspiring things on your fridge and around your house. Use post notes that say "You can do this, you are strong and beautiful and worth it".

Move, get moving 3 times a day, morning noon and night. Each 30 minutes adds up, don't make an excuse or you will never get to the next level of fitness.

Workout! Sure its hard, it sucks on days you don't want to but you will find to love it and know your doing yourself good. Once you take a few days off.......YOU WONT WANT TO GET STARTED AGAIN! So don't ever go there!

Find someone that will support you, a workout partner on sparks, at home or where ever, to keep you accountable. DANGER: NOT someone that is un-motivated, too sweet or won't kick you in the bum! You don't want a sugar coating here, you won't push yourself hard me.

Ditch the coffee creamers, they add so many calories to your day you have no idea. Do you want the body or not?

NO fake drinks, stick with tea, water and watch your body transform

Do more strength training then cardio, and make your body a fat burning machine

Steer away from preservatives, HFCS and Hydrogenated oils they are the worst. Organic is expensive but you can go with plain things grown from the earth. Lots of ways to make vegan treats that are good for you its just a matter of getting used to it.

Love change, love pain! Your going to be sore, you have to mix things up in your workout but push past that. Once you do, your body responds and starts to work harder for you.

Workout every day. Even if your tired, sleep in your workout clothes and get up and get moving. Its like grass, it has to be mowed and taken care of or it won't thrive. I know it sucks, but it has to be done to get to the goal. IGNORE THE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD!

Best results come from different body part workouts. So rest upper and work lower, or vice versa. Or stick with one body part per day, your results will come faster. The body needs rest to re-build.

Work your back. Take care of your spine and get a nice "V" by working your back and core. Most people do crunches but not moves like superman's or back extensions. Strength train your back with rows, and see that bra over-hang go bye buh!

Don't do crunches everyday. You have abs, you just can't see them under your layer of fat. It is the one muscle group you can work daily but I don't see the need to do them with such little results because that takes diet. So make core count by working other parts that support it by working back and doing moves like mountain climbers, squat thrusts, planks and side planks = better results.

When your crabby, walk! Releasing stress hormones that refrain you from loosing weight don't fret.....just do it and get walking you will feel better and be releasing negativity from you life.

Stretch every day. I wish someone would have told me this 20 years ago. You won't know how that changes your body until you get into a routine. I see too many people skip this step, and get injured. But don't do it only for that, do it because you will feel better knowing you are going to still be able to use those muscles for many years to come.

Yoga. I know your cringing if you have never done it. BE OPEN here to change. You don't have to do it for hours but a good 20 minutes will stretch your spine, and soften your mind again stress reliever. You can even do an active yoga such as Power Yoga that moves much faster but just do it, and see how your body changes and your mood.

Read, listen and keep good company. What you read is like having coffee with a good friend, pick them wisely. Once you start getting good words in your mind, and learn about new things your going to grow like you never have before.

Don't take NO for an answer from yourself. Over power your mind and say YES, yes you can do whatever you set your mind to. If you don't you will never grow and you will go back to your "old" self.

Fight procrastination. It's the number 1 KILLER OF EVERYTHING! It steals time, and time goes fast, very fast. Don't let it take you down, fight it and do it now.

Praise. Praise yourself when you do good, and don't go by the numbers. Go by how you feel, and carry yourself, how you have a "step in your step" knowing your succeeding.

Your worth it, your amazing, your one of a kind so go ahead and bring yourself to a whole new level of WOW! GET BUSY on your WOW factor!

Last night I finished my workout with a 3 mile run = 25 minutes in my new FILA running shoes. I got them on sale for $30.00 and am pretty pleased with how they felt. I have never had real running shoes, so I thought I would try these out instead of my normal cross trainers.
Results = keeping them!

If I really do more running this year, next pair I may upscale to a better brand so if anyone knows one let me know.

NO EXCUSES...I make it happen!


  1. YOU go girl! Thanks for your beautiful words AGAIN! You make my day MANY times!
    KEEP up the FABULOUS work girl!

    YOU motivate, YOU educate, and YOU stimulate....

    Hey a rhymn about Trainer T! :)