Friday, March 26, 2010

How To Get A 6-Pack Abs!

I am keeping a fire under my feet!

This has been one of the hardest things to do, stay in the ZONE day in and out. First thing, IF YOU WANT A GREAT BODY get rid of the TV and negative press. I just don't know how anyone can let that suck your life out of you really!

I was thinking this today, as I heard of a massive crash. I am sad...true, and I have compassion but it won't help me to get down and out about it. I have goals and things to do, and I need all the POSITIVE energy I can muster up!

I'm trying to find my 6-pack abs!

How do you do that EXACTLY?

1. Start with a clean diet - NO sugar, fake stuff or real! And no perservatives or high fats, keep good fats low. This part of it SUCKS!

2. Keep your calories in line - Higher protein macro and lower carb macro. Don't get me wrong here YOU NEED CARBS! Just not the bad ones, stick wtih the clean carbs they are your energy. (I am against the Atkins Diet)

3. Core work - NOT crunches, you need all around core, planks, back extentions, oblique work and incline cardio all great stuff.

4. Keep them sucked in all times - its supports the back and keeps them fired up, and just plain makes you look better. (A trick I have shared for beginners is to tie a thin ribbon around your waist sucked in, each time you relax you will feel it to remind you)

There is no easy way on this, but it can be done ask anyone they will tell you it was all about the diet. What is my biggest challenge?


Sure I can eat salads, chicken and fish but you really have to have more then that for a 6-pack, you need lean mass and totally clean eats. I'm getting better but still a work in progress.

So if your going for the 6-pack, don't get discouraged it takes time to see them "pop" and to keep them. You don't want to build them, you want them flat and ripped. So keep the fire under your feet, and just keep going.......I am. Results may be slow, but they are coming!

JM 30 Day Shred Level 3
3-2-1 Strength, cardio and abs

Post workout smoothie:
1 C Rasperry
1/2 Banana
1/2 C Almond milk
1 Scoop Vanilla ice cream 100% Gold standard Whey

20 Min workout + 10 extra of Level 2 - 30 Day Shred level 3

Cals burned = 271
Time of workouts = 30 mins

WT - 120
BF% 23.0 - this is up sadly!
BMI 20.8

Warm up:
Arm crosses
Backward windmills
Double jump rope
High kick to touches
Butt kicks
Knee circles

Walking planks
Walking planks

Mountain climbers
Sumo squats
Plank pose
Mountain climbers
Sumo squats

Pike crunch
Sissor crunches

DB Cleans – 5lb R
Jumping lunges
DB Cleans – 5lb L
Jumping lunges

Shadow box – 3lb db
Butt kicks – 3lb db
Shadow box – 3lb db
Jumping jacks – 3lb db

Sit ups – straight leg

Travel pushups
Plank w/leg raise rows – 5lb db
Traveling pushups
Plank w/leg raise rows – 5lb db

Jump squats
Rockstar jumps
Jump squats
Rockstar jumps

Side rise plank

Cool down:
Seated split stretch
Standing hamstring


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  1. If only we could fat reduce what spots we want first in our bodies....all we would have to say is Fat leave my belly and WHALA its gone!

    Woman, first place we get it, last place we loose it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...the female anatomy gotta love it! :)

    YOU are doing great Chica...keep up the good work! LIKE the ribbon idea very creative!