Monday, March 29, 2010

Don't Hate Your Trainer
My Trainer Karen Finch is 56 years old & HAWT!

I'm not hating my trainer, its just like getting a spanking you don't like it but you probably need it right? You know when you have been bad or done wrong and MUST pay. (Do you think she got this body eating junk, NOT!)

Done wrong = FAT!!!

It has been proven you get 30% better results working with a trainer, even all the greats have trainers.

I have been blasting the workouts but have not had as "clean of a diet" as I need to have right now, so its back to the drawing board. My trainer said I have got to lower my calories to reach the goal, and just when I was loving my salads.


I have been putting sunflower seeds, or walnuts, raisins, apples or strawberries, and all that is going to have to change to more protein less carbs. It's not that I won't be able to have wonderful salads, I just have to change what I am putting in them. (Sniff, sniff).

No more banana smoothies.....they have to go too! (Sniff, sniff).

2 bad things for me, bananas and corn. Well for now anyway they are just too high on the carb list for this carbaholic. Sad, just sad but the sacrifice will be so worth it.

When I get to prance around in my swimsuit on the beach, all the sacrifice which really is not a sacrifice its just looking at food different will be the pay off.

Eat clean = NO FAT!!!

Now just in case your wondering, I have done really well with sugar. The only sweet thing I have had besides fruit has been toffee peanuts, and guess what?

THEY GOT TO GO! (Sniff, sniff)

So I got my spanking and I am back on my feet ready to go to work again on my new eating plan.

Here are my workouts, and I am really challenging myself with the manual stair machine. If I get past 40 floors and 10 minutes next week....I will be MORE then thrilled!!!

Off day, teaching class tonight

At the Gym Cardio

Time = 60 minutes + 30 minutes after dinner walk
Cals burned = 450 + 105 = 555

10 min - 40 flights of steps = 100 caloires
30 min eliptical - all levels 3 miles = 350 calories
2x10 hyperextention
2x15 lat pull downs
2x20 captains chair/ball crunch machine

Downward facing dog

(Today should have been Biggest Loser workout but I did Shred level 3 again before going to the gym)
20 Min workout - 30 Day Shred level 3
AM workout at gym - 1 hour Power Yoga & 1 hour Kickboxing Class w/3lb db

Kickboxing class also included:
Walking pushups
Boat with punches - 3lb db
Wall squats & Jump squats
Lunges w/jump lunges
Jumprope and boxer shuffles

Cals burned = 407 + 130 = 537 (+30 day shred?)
Time of workouts = 2 hr 20 mins

Warm up:
Arm crosses
Backward windmills
Double jump rope
High kick to touches
Butt kicks
Knee circles

Walking planks
Walking planks

Mountain climbers
Sumo squats
Plank pose
Mountain climbers
Sumo squats

Pike crunch
Sissor crunches

DB Cleans – 5lb R
Jumping lunges
DB Cleans – 5lb L
Jumping lunges

Shadow box – 3lb db
Butt kicks – 3lb db
Shadow box – 3lb db
Jumping jacks – 3lb db

Sit ups – straight leg

Travel pushups
Plank w/leg raise rows – 5lb db
Traveling pushups
Plank w/leg raise rows – 5lb db

Jump squats
Rockstar jumps
Jump squats
Rockstar jumps

Side rise plank

Cool down:
Seated split stretch
Standing hamstring



  1. Hey girl...its o.k....unfortunately for ALL of us to lose the body fat percentages to go downward we need to carb cycle and cut some of our favorites completely out for awhile! Have you heard of the Miracle Noodle? Or Shirataki noodles? Get the feeling of pasta without the carbs!

    YOU are always accountable chica and that in itself is a GREAT daily accomplishment! :)

  2. I am sick now...that trainer is 56 years old...omw what an inspiration...
    I have decided to have a body like that is possible with hard work, but not easy to maintain...
    after my stint in the hospital I have decided as long as I am healthy and slim..not the lowest body fat percentage I will be happy...
    I do admire anyone who works out to have a body like that...I really do as I know it is something that takes so much work...

    show us a photo of you now....

  3. I eat carbs, fats and proteins with each meal but make good healthy choices when doing so. The one carb I avoid is processed sugar carbs. I hope you do great with your new workout plan and reaching your inner hawtness.