Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What...A Penny For A Calorie?

NOTE TO SELF: Eat pie and apply to thighs!

It's true, last night we had bible study and for dessert (of course there is ALWAYS dessert) it was mini apple turnover pies.

Did I eat one .. .NO all I thought was, how hard I am working kicking sugar to the I want to apply that apple pie turnover to my thighs???


Each time you think its just a "SMALL" thing, it adds up!

Think of it like "pennies" many times you may be thinking huh, you can't buy anything with a penny! But add them up, they DO matter and its the same with calories.

Or "oh its just a small (a few pennies) piece" every piece of the pie adds up!

1 Calorie = 1 penny (not literally but you get the point)

So you add the calories (pennies) of 230 ($2.30) for that little cute tasty pie per day and in a weeks time its 1610 ($16.10) or 83900 ($839.00) a year and year after year that adds up. (Some days more then others see picture)

So remember these things when your mindset is off in "candy land" how long do you want to save????

3500 calories = 1lb (on or OFF)
$35.00 = 1lb

It's so much easier to spend then save isn't it?

But challenge yourself......
Every time you say "NO" to a treat, add that amount of (calories) pennies in a jar and see how much you have at the end of the may be AMAZED!

I am already up $2.30.....woo woo

Also keep in mind, when you are seeing changes they are small...until that SHINNING moment when the jeans zip right up and fit just right!

It was all those little things that made that happen, NOT a week of starvation.

It was all the little extra steps from:
Parking far away
Taking the stairs
Getting off the couch
Eating healthy foods
Cutting down on fast food
Ditching the soda
Saying NO to dessert
Starting instead of stopping

We are always counting, why not start saving?

Today's post workout - 1 scoop vanilla ice cream Whey 1/2 c Almond milk

30 Day Shred Level 1
3-2-1 (3 min strength, 2 min cardio, 1 min core)

Mood - TGIF!
Wt - 120
Time of workout = 25 Min
Cals burned = ?

Warm up:

Hip circles
Knee circles


Pushups - 15
Bent over rows - 10lb
Reg bent knee crunches

Jump jacks
Jump rope
Jump jacks

Back lunge w/bicep curl - 7lb
Arm punches
Bent knee oblique crunches

Glute kicks
Jump jacks
Glute kicks

Laying chest flys - 7lb
Side lunge w/shoulder raise - 7lb
Jumping jacks

Butt kicks
Jump rope
Arm punches
Side obliques

Cool down;
Wide leg stretch
Quad stretch


Ps, I was motivated to write this because of sparks new SparksSavings site!
Check it out here:

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  1. Great analogy, terrific post......and AMAZING you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep up the great work girl!