Friday, March 19, 2010

"Fudge" Your Food = FAT!

Every time YOU "fudge" at your numbers, you get NO WHERE! Your just cheating yourself, not your significant other, not your parents or kids, just YOU!

Here is my workout today, I am on the JM killer rotation workouts! I am doing YogaMelt 1,2 then Shred, 1,2,3 then Last Chance workout. Those are my only JM workout dvd and doing this rotation is really working up a sweat.

Last 2 days I did a 3 mile run at lunch and inclines, same plan for today I am loving the spring weather. Thinking I am due for new shoes too. Thanks Uncle Sam, I may have to get some its been a long time. I always give my old ones to my mom, to work in the yard she loves it.

FUDGING on your food intake = FAT

Its true, because I have been living this lie for the last 6 months. WAKE UP T, WAKE UP!!!

During the holiday I was just saying, "its 1 cookie what will it hurt?" Well that's just like anything you fudge because next its more and more, a cookie then a soda then an energy drink.....its ENDLESS....Hello cellulite and buh bye abs!


You just erase all the hard work you did not to mention the damage inside your body. I have trouble most of you know with that is where my "Fudging" comes in. I have to REALLY watch it, or I go overboard and even if you don't log it.......its still counts!!!

You may think its healthy food too, but portions MATTER! Remember when you eat out, consider it DOUBLE what you would at home. Double the cals and double the fat, that's why it taste so good.

But before you fudge, just remember ..... look in the full length mirror is that what you want to see? If not, then STOP FOOLING YOURSELF. I workout a TON and can't even workout enough to burn off that "fat diet" I have eaten.

I used to be like this with money too, but now......NO MORE! I don't want to work till I am 70 and I don't want to die before I am 110 there is no time to waste, because it waits for no one!

NO EXCUSES I make it happen!

Post workout snack = 1 scoop whey 1/2c skim then 1 hr later 1 med apple w/2 tbs peanut butter

30 Day Shred Level 1
3-2-1 (3 min strength, 2 min cardio, 1 min core)

Mood - TGIF!
Wt - 120
Time of workout = 25 Min
Cals burned = ?

Friday Stats:
WT = 120 (this is up 1.5)
BF% 22.6 (this is down .08)
BMI 20.5

Warm up:

Hip circles
Knee circles


Pushups - 15
Bent over rows - 10lb
Reg bent knee crunches

Jump jacks
Jump rope
Jump jacks

Back lunge w/bicep curl - 7lb
Arm punches
Bent knee oblique crunches

Glute kicks
Jump jacks
Glute kicks

Laying chest flys - 7lb
Side lunge w/shoulder raise - 7lb
Jumping jacks

Butt kicks
Jump rope
Arm punches
Side obliques

Cool down;
Wide leg stretch
Quad stretch


Ps...Here is a yummy coffee sauce recipe

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  1. How true how true.......YOU have to STICK to the PLAN and when you cheat you only cheat yourself! It's the 10 second rule...when you feel the URGE to count 10 seconds, remove yourself from the situation and's gone!

    YOU are doing great girl.....KEEP up the good work!