Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Down For The Count... But NOT Out!

It's official, I have pulled out my back and must go to the chiropractor!

I got up at 5am put myself on the heating pad thinking I would be able to lift this morning at 6am. I was still in pain so I am not going to risk it with a new lift program. Since it rained yesterday, I am behind on cardio too so the plan is cardio tomorrow morning, and this lower body lift on Friday.

Last night I worked on the plants from the church and all I can think is that climbing the ladder up and down aggravated it and I got spasms about 3am. I was up every hour last night so disappointing.

Good news is I have been pretty good with diet, but I have not weighed in since Sunday. With new pictures this weekend, this is not making T. happy or pumped. I will still do the shots and have all my poses picked out, lets hope my other measures are as good as my waist is.
Here is my day one workout that I have planned for Friday. My workout is in days and I have 3 days per week (this is day 1)

DB Lateral Lunges 3x10-12
DB Single Leg Dead lift 4x8-12
DB Leg split squats 4x8-12 per leg
Single leg hip pop ups (like a 1 leg bridge and I will do these with a plate weight on non working knee) 3x16-18
Calf Raises 4x20-30
I will be doing 15-25lbs on these.

Down for the count......but NOT out of the game!

Off to get the Rockstar Body......

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  1. Hang in there T! Get plenty of R&R and I know you'll be back to your normal routine in no time :) *hugs*