Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Walking Lunges

You can't get a better move then walking lunges to fatigue! Tough and effective, so go for it!

I posted this picture so you can see how effective the form must be with the knee. You never want to get that knee over the toe, this shows this very nice. T. gives it a 10!

Here is my workouts this week, and yesterday I posted my body changes and pictures so far, with lots of work still to do before my goal date of July. Yikes I will be 47!

Off Day
Wt 123
Mood - Focused
Workout time - 15 mins
DB step ups 10lb 2x30
Walking lunges to failure 10lb 2x25
Deadlift Roman DB 10lb 2x10
Glute ham raise 10lb 2x20
This is my 2nd day workout for this program, so I did these at home and down one set. These are just 4 moves but very tough, so much that I only did 2 sets this first time.
I think I am finally getting this set down, so next week I will do this at the gym. My arm feels fine with the 10lbs DB so next week I will do a bit heavier. I am thinking 15lbs we will see.
My new pics are posted, and I can see progress. All pics are relaxed and I will post the full changes split next go round. As far as chest, since I have been unable to work that area I have gained but that should come off fast. I enjoy chest, so I will be excited to get back to that training.
Diet was bad over the weekend, since it was moms 75th birthday party I had cake and carbs galore. But that's it on celebrations so I am good I am thinking till July. That's the plan....
Off to get the Rockstar Body......

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