Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do You Have Easter Traditions?

" We always think about the obstacles that cloud our view of the finish line and that discourage us. We must remember for every obstacle we tackle, it will bring us closer to our finish line. Will you tackle it or simply give up?" Written in 2009 by Jasper Tong --- Australia

As the holiday approaches there are so many temptations we must tackle. I felt this quote fit today. I am NOT giving up, and hope you feel the same.

Just like today at our office the vendors brought in tons of chocolate eggs, pinwheels, and jelly beans. As I was in the back kitchen making my lovely PLAIN oatmeal with apples (like a good Rockstar) I heard the comment "this place is making me fat". I said yes, it can and I believe me I hear that a lot! I am so blessed that right now I am so focused that stuff does not even appeal to me. Now as all of you know that read my blog, I love chocolate! But the thing is, once you start its very hard to stop. So I won't even go there.

This week many people will be enjoying time with family and church. You may even be lucky and have off Good Friday, I will be working. We have a breakfast at the church on Sunday and then service, it should be nice. I donated the flowers, the lovely pansies it should be really nice we expect many people for service.

Do you have Easter plans?
Easter traditions?

If you have little ones I am sure an egg hunt is in order. Now that my nephew is 11 he is not really into that so I sent a card with money. He loves money! I used to love the egg hunts, my mom used to put change in them and have 1 lucky egg. We always wanted the lucky egg it was the best. Seemed every summer then we would smell a rotten egg that got missed. Those are the fun traditions I remember. My great aunt also used to have a flat in the city and would make a cake, white with coconut shaped like a lamb. Each one of the kids got a little basket with candy goodies. We would go upstairs to the empty flat and play the piano and hid and seek.

No matter what you do for the holiday, for us its a time to spend with God. We will worship and be grateful that he is in control. All good things are happening in our life, and I feel very blessed. Happy Easter everyone! Have a safe and blessed holiday and travels, and I hope the Easter bunny brings you a basket of blessings.

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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