Friday, April 17, 2009

P90X Ab Ripper Are YOU Tough Enough?

P90X Ab ripper Rocks!

This next month I am going to take my body to the next level. Its true I have put my P90X on the back burner but my injury is getting better and I am going to get back with it. If you want to see some GREAT results I posted my good friend Jens page so you can see her results first hand and you will know why I want to get back with this. I did this program for 2 weeks then got injured. While not doing this, I was doing a prone pike which is good but tough!

I did the Ab ripper yesterday and for 20 minutes of your life you will be pushed to the max with core and abs. I am not joking this is intense. If you have tried this let me know, if not you may want to check it out. The results are amazing!

Here is the workout today:
3x10 120lb Leg press - toe out
3x10 40lb hamstring curls
3x10 20lb 1 leg DB calf raises
3x10 rear lunges off a step box
3x10 20lb low cable pully butt kickbacks

WT 118.5 - this is down .05
BF% 24.0 - up .03
BMI% 20.3 - down .03

Now I think my stats are off because I did this AFTER I drank my whey protein. I don't think I was very organized this morning thank goodness its Friday!
My lunch workout will be walking incline lunges and sprint runs inclined.

Jens link again is:

Off to get the Rockstar Body......

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