Friday, April 24, 2009

Glorious Glutes

I am working my way to glorious glutes, one workout at a time!

Here are my stats this week compared to last:
WT 117 - 1.8
BF% 23.3 - .07
BMI% 20.1 - .02

4/17 - last weeks stats compared to the previous weeks
WT 118.5 - 1.5
BF% 24.0 + .03
BMI% 20.3 - .03

Here are my workouts for the lower body that I have been doing all month. Today I will be on #2 workout at lunch, with cardio. Sunday is #3. Then it goes back to rotate, and my legs and glute are looking FABULOUS so try these they WORK!
I do 3x10 on all but calves I do 4x20 and have been using 10lb DB.

DB Lateral Lunges
DB S leg dead liftsDB s leg split squats
Single leg hip pop w/weights on opposite leg

DB step up w/knee high box bench
Walking lunges - I will do these steep inclined, non weighted today at lunch
DB roman dead lifts
Glute ham raises

1 Leg leg press toes out
1 Leg hamstring curls
1 Leg DB calf raises
Rear lunges
Low cable pulley but kickbacks

Yesterday I did 30 minutes of cardio inclined and abs at the park for my workout:
50 regular crunches
50 obliques - 25 each side (and I discovered a NEW move I am going to put in my next video)
25 stop the ceiling with crossed legs

Off to get the Rockstar body......... all numbers are going down!

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