Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lists... How Do YOU Manage Them?

Lists, and more lists.
Have you ever noticed we can go through life as females doing our multi-tasking and working from a list? I do! I guess I feel better seeing myself cross things off. But sometimes it can be overwhelming!
Here is an insight on lists don't "aim" all the time, but manage yourself and your list. You can have a good intention and make a list however if you don't aim and follow through, it will just be carried on to the next list. I hate when that happens. The point is to "manage" things better. We as women are all over the place, I mean even if we are doing something we are multi-tasking or thinking of the next thing to do. We really should try to manage ourselves so that we can stay in the moment. Men are more focused like this, which is good but then they never remember what we tell them so that's bad right? Do you have any ideas that you use? So if we manage our lists better we will have less lists, or thats the goal.
Here are some tips that I like:
1.Manage yourself at peak times - if your a morning person (I am) be most productive then, make the plans for the day and week during your peak time
2.When you tackle your list - pick the toughest thing first, the rest will be downhill
3. If your going to do errands - try to plan them at the least busy times to save YOUR time (Friday nights at the food store, 2pm post office)
4. Group like things together - paying bills, emails, and returning calls block those times out and only focus on them
5. If you have a complaint with a company - don't waste time on hold, press 0 or go straight for new customer option, they help them first. Then ask for a manager this saves so much time and be NICE!
6. Try to put doctor/ medical and dental appointments on the same day I have found placing "like items' all together gets them done faster. I guess it could just be me, but also when I put errand items together planned out by route I end up with extra time in my day. The other thing I like is preparing ahead.
If you can always do things for what you need to get done in small steps. It doesn't take as much time that way and you don't feel so over whelmed. Like with my receipts, I organize and add them one time, then the next time I enter and file. Breaking down tasks helps me feel more productive.
I plan my workouts for the week - Sundays
I plan my meals for the week - Sundays & Daily right when I get home from work
I make my lunch for the next day
I plan my business tasks for the week - Saturdays I plan my bills bi monthly - 15th & 30th (wealth building on these days too)
I plan my outfits the night before - Right when I get home from work I plan my laundry and food shopping for the week - Sundays
This way there is less on my lists if I plan most of my basic needs. Plus I don't have to run around in the morning when I would rather just be focused on my workout. Lists are great as long as we see progress right?
Workout today - Pilates 100
Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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