Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grab Your Future With BOTH Hands

" Remember, grab you're future with both hands and mold it into what you want it to be. It's the determined, who create the life they want, while the idle sit by and watch it fade away into nothingness. The future belongs to the exceptional individuals, who can see the light of the future, at the end of the tunnel." Copyright © 2009 James Watson
I got some sad news about a co-worker that passed due to cancer last night. I felt this quote puts things in perspective. This man, Scott was a very good man and will be missed by many. He leaves behind 3 children and a wife, and many, many, friends along the way. May he rest in Gods hands. This morning as I was doing my core workout, I took time the time to do some good breathing and stretches. Just enjoying life and letting the feeling of freedom fill my body. It's good to do that, let your mind and body connect. As I continue to focus on my goals and my life directing it in the path I want it to go, I take time to reflect and see where I may need make changes.
Where have I grown?
What are the lessons?
How can I learn from that, listen to the universe and my intuition?
What have I done for fun?
Have I been creative?
Am I building my relationships?
Do I take enough time to be grateful & worship?
How do I treat my family?
Am I listening more then I talk?
Success to me is a well rounded life, one that is healthy, wellness, balanced and filled with things that bring me joy and happiness. It is something that I strive for everyday.
Do you?
Lets grab our future with both hands and make it what we want, you only get one shot. Be exceptional and see the light!
4/8 Todays workout - Abs/Core
Mood - Get'er done
Wt - 121.5
Workout time - 10 mins
25 slow roll down crunches
25 pilates pulses
20 obliques
Back stretches (laying with knees in & rolly polly) Deep Breathing
I plan to do a incline walk at lunch with some step ups. Finish with some Warrior & Triangle poses. Today was also a lower body day, but I am switching up my routine this week. I just felt I needed more of a pilates workout since I was feeling tight.
Off to get the Rockstar Body.........

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