Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Step Ups Work It Baby!

Step Ups Work it baby!
Today's workout is legs, and I will be doing 18" step ups as part of my workout. You can't get a better move then step ups for the glutes and legs, you can feel the burn! Mine will be off landscape cement blocks.
Sometimes I vary these, by doing the same leg per set, or alternating per leg per set. I do them slow a set then fast a set, on this move you can never get bored since you can really mix this up. Try it, you will feel them trust T.
Last night I was like sleeping beauty, and went to bed at 8.30pm and slept till 7am. I got up at 6am and put on my heating pad since my back was bothering me. I did a 3 mile incline run, and must have put a strain on it. Next time I will stretch out much better then I did yesterday. I was a bit short on time but I don't recommend ever doing that, it truly makes a huge difference. I feel great today.
Workout - Cardio
Mood - Refreshed
Wt - 118
Time in park - 30 Min's
3 mile incline run
25 Jumping jacks
4/29 - at the park at lunchtime today:
Workout - Legs & core
Mood - Rockstar
Wt - 118
Time in park - 45mins
Pilates 100
3x10 Walking lunge inclines
3x10 Lateral lunge
3x10 (per leg) Step ups 18'
3x10 (per leg) Decline step down lunges
25 Jumping jacks
25 Plyo jumps
Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

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  1. I use to do Tae bo with a trainer at the YMCA. Sometimes she's come into the weight room and recruit people for her class, I felt bad that know one would go. So, I started to attend and when I noticed the stamina increase I was her biggest evangelist and brought people after they lifted weights..We had a blast!