Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just Get Disgusted = Change

Tax day has come and gone, and unless you have filed for an extension you have the IRS off your back for now. Why is it that we get taxed so much then have to pay? I believe its due to greed from our lovely government. I mean the last straw for me was when they started taxing your interest on your savings. Come on that's DOUBLE taxation! You paid the taxes on it when you made it, then you get to pay on any little bit your made off of it. How do these things get by? Then they wonder why no one saves money any more, seriously.
Let me let you in on a secret. If you do not own a business or a home based business your are not getting as many tax benefits as you could. You will not be allowed any tax write offs unless you hold a mortgage or have kids. And dogs & pets don't count darn it!
This is why I have a couple home businesses: Nutrazon
Trainer T. Fitness
Of course you would only want to do something that you believe in and like to do, or else it will be more of a chore. If your interested in something like this, consult your tax advisor. Its well worth the tax advantage for me. I hope all of your got many tax write offs, money back, and are stress free now that tax day is behind us.
ff to bigger and better things like the steps of making a change. This week I have mixed up my workout, opting to skip the gym in the morning do my workout at home and then at lunch time finish it out. Our weather has been so nice and I am very motivated by clean oxygen and nature. I think I am even going to do my next video in the park.
When you decide to make a change usually a few things happen. And this is in general form for any area of you life. Because basically if what you focus on is where your energy goes, one thing other things will suffer so you have to constantly keep a state of change.
1. You get disgusted at yourself and that fuels a change. You know a point where you are not comfortable and say this has to STOP!
2. You then set a vision or goal of what would change that
3. You work towards that goal and after you get comfortable again you will stay there (many people get in this zone, I know I have)
4. You will stay there, until some thing causes and effects you to get your standard higher or you find a new group of peers to fuel you to the next level. To get your "fire" burning again
5. You then look at other areas and make sure they are not suffering, and some of them will, so you will work on those areas as well
6. You will find a comfortable balance until something causes change again So remember change is good, it keeps us reaching for better things or higher standards. Go for it!
Here is my workouts:
4/15 Workout - Cardio
Mood - Energized
Wt - 121
Time of workout - 40 mins
3 mile run at the park 50 crunches
4/16 Workout - Cardio & Core
Mood - Happy
Wt - 121 Time of workout - 10 min + 40 min at lunch
P90X Ab Ripper - 10 mins 40 min walk at the park followed by stretch and core at lunch Legs - after work
Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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  1. Good workout. Looking forward to you visiting my blog and following my progress as well.