Friday, April 10, 2009

Ever Do A Single Leg Dead Lift?

These are some good form pictures of a single leg dead lift. I did much better with these today then the first time I did them. Like prone pikes you have to get your balance. That's what makes these type of moves so effective. You use more muscles trying to keep the control thus using more then one muscle group. Got to love these right? If you have never tried them, give it a whirl. You will see how your balance improves each and every time. I am doing these with 10lb DB and I would not go too heavy until you get the moves down. Some people do this with a bar bell thats much more advanced.
I can sure feel the difference in my legs and glutes and you will too. These WORK! And remember if you are just begining you don't have to use a weight at all, just work on the balance. There is a Yoga pose called balancing stick and that is how this move "in motion" would be like.
Here is my workout today, I did this workout at home just because I was to lazy to drive to the gym. Honestly T. what gives? Get up and go!
4/10 Workout - Lower Body
Mood - Cloudy lol...
Workout Time - 15 Minutes
Stats this week:
WT - 120 +.05
BF% 23.7
BMI% 20.6 + .01
2x20 Calve Raises Single Leg 10lb DB
2x20 Lateral Lunges 10lb DB
2x20 Hip Pop Ups Single Leg 10lb DB
2x15 Dead Lift Single Leg 10lb DB
Next week I will add the 5lb more and the extra sets. Today I will go for more cardio at lunch weather permitting. Yesterday at lunch I got in 3 sets of 20 14" step ups 100 oblique 50 crunches 15 minutes inclines 15 minute run Warrior pose & runners stretch.
Off to get the Rockstar Body.........

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