Monday, April 13, 2009

Speaking YOUR Truth

This months Success cd is very good, this speaker talks about speaking "YOUR truth".

I love the fact that someone is guiding others on how to do that. I have always spoke my truth and have been blessed it has been very beneficial for me.

T - Tell it like it is
R - Request what you want
U - Understand the other persons point of view
T - Then ask why or for help
H - How to come to compromise

Decide what you want, explain what is expected, ask why, compromise. Sounds simple huh?

If we look at this on an individual basis I can tell you how it breaks down. I am not using her exact stuff I can only go by some of the points she made. I really need to write stuff down so I can remember better. They say the written word holds in memory better, I believe it!
Speaking "the truth" might go something like this.....For one example, say you want to change your opinion on how a friend feels about working out with you, when she's been skipping out on you. You could speak your truth by telling her, you would like her support to help you reach your goals. You have noticed the last 2 times you called her she had a reason not to workout and you understand shes busy. Let her know this concerns you because it is also for her benefit too, and how it surprises you that she does not want to keep this commitment, when she said she really wants to loose weight. Ask her what you can do to keep her on track so that you both can get the most of the buddy system workouts, because you expected her to be there for your support too.

Words like:
Don't have a lot of emotion in them, so they are good words to use. You won't cause someone to be so defensive if you give them the facts. Be careful like I have said before in blogs, about "absolute" words like always and never they are not very helpful at all.
Try to step out of your comfort zone next time you want to say something, maybe give this a go and see if you get the result you wanted.
And don't forget to speak your truth to yourself too......

Here is my workout:
4/11 Workout - Cardio
Mood - Ready to crank it up!
Wt - 123.6
Time in gym - 1hr 10 mins

30 min stair climber I did sprints of 30 seconds 5 times Boxing sprints and overhead jogs 4 times each Level 4 incline 15 20 min Level 10 incline 20 10 mins
40 mins pilates class and then a 45 min walk after dinner.

4/12 & 4/13 Off day

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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