Monday, January 3, 2011

Vacation Workouts 3854 Cals Blasted!

I had a nice vacation with my family, gifts and stockings were exchanged

There was a bad snow storm when leaving look at all the cars in the ditches, I saw about 20 total and a tractor trailer sideways. SCARY!

My mom and my sisters at my moms house in the country

It has been crazy busy at work today, but I had a productive and fun vacation and holiday.

I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2011 ;-)

The scoop:
I did not do any workouts on vacation during leaving early due to the snow storm I left without my Kettlebell. *sigh

Of course I ate all kinds of things that were not on my meal plan, like chocolate and heavy foods in small amounts. I did bring my whey protein and had that every day, just to ward off some of the over carb consumption.

Hit it hard since I have been back, and here are my workouts since I have been back at home and at the gym.

WEEKLY TOTALS / WEEKLY GOAL: 360 / 360 1852 / 1440

Sunday 1/2
Workout = at the gym cardio
Time of workout = 45 min
Cals burned - 425

4 miles

Saturday 1/1
Off day

DAILY TOTALS / DAILY GOAL: 0 / 60 0 / 240
WEEKLY TOTALS / WEEKLY GOAL: 420 / 360 2002 / 1440

Friday 12/31
At the gym = drills to make you sweat & Yoga class
Time of workout = 2 hrs
Cals burned = 416

1 hr misc floor moves, pushups w/walk downs planks, squats overhead press lunges = 5lb db

1 hr Yoga class

Thursday 12/30
Workout = At the gym ST & Cardio
Time of workout = 2 hrs
Cals burned = 450

1 hour ST Full body
1 hour Zumba class

Custom Workout - Full Body
Abs Pulses 1 50
Assisted Pull Up 3 12
Back Extension 3 10
Back Fly Press 3 10
Back Row Seated 3 12
Bench Press 3 10
Bicep Curls 3 10
Chest Pec Flys 3 10
Dead Lifts 3 10
Lat Cable Pull Down 3 10
Leg Lifts Stability Chair 3 10
Glute Lift (Standing) 3 10
Glute Press (Lying) 3 10
Squats 3 10
Stretch After Strength Training

Wednesday 12/29
Workout = At the gym Body sculp, Yoga, Kickboxing & Zumba (split workout Am & Pm)
Time of workout = 4 hours
Cals burned = 1136

Am workout:
9am - 1 hr Body sculpting class = squats, lunges, abs, bicep/tricep

10am - 1 hr Yoga

1pm trained client = lunge squats, med ball passes, med ball core twists, versa loop jacks and squats, kettlebell rows, swings and lunge passes.

Pm workout:
5pm - 1 hr cardio kickboxing

6pm - 1 hr Zumba

Tuesday 12/28
Traveling back from vacation

Vacation 12/23-12/28 No workouts
I have not bothered to log my food, but I am sure it was high in carbs and fat and low in protein as it always is when I visit my mom.
This week its crack the whip, I make it happen!

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