Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Motivation in the cold

I wish I had some fantastic thing to blog about, like my workout today but I don't. My new RED hair color is pretty fantastic I think.

Its cold and everything is snow covered and you can see some of the "greenery" popping out. I think its Gods way of cleansing the earth, throw down some snow then appreciate the contrast from white to green and brown, the colors in the winter months.

Tonight is Zumba, one on one. Yay :-)

I have been practicing some moves Kelly gave me and some others that I have got from the dvd and youtube. My date is Saturday Jan 22nd to do a preview class. Thanks Kelly for the support!

Here is a link I got from a sparkler I wanted to share with you about what to eat after a workout

During the winter it seems so easy to just knock off a workout in the morning when its only like 17 degrees, but to get results you have to stay consistent so I have been doing that with my meal plan instead.

1/6 1/7 1/8 1/9 1/10 1/11 TODAY

Calories: 1,410 - 1,760
1,448 1,427 1,721 1,760 1,521 1,687 1,379

Fat: 37 - 65
50 41 41 57 42 46 42

Carbohydrates: 187 - 270
134 121 206 198 156 156 100

Protein: 60 - 145
123 154 148 120 127 164 149

Fiber, total dietary: 15 - 30
14 16 27 30 17 18 15

1/9 was my worst day of the week and not by much. (OH and I had doughnut at bible study last night with coffee)

How do you stay motivated working out in the cold?

Sleep in your workout clothes
Have great tunes
Warm up your car
Get a super cute workout jacket (Mine is green from LL Bean)
Look at your "fat" picture
Look at your "skinny" jeans

Any ideas please add to the list..............


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