Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to make change "easy peasy"

Change is so hard, but its something that after you do it you feel like a MILLION BUCKS! I am still working on my 2011 goal setting and will post when completed.

Went to GNC and got my protein for the month, buy one get one half so I got the really good stuff and a free protein bar I had a coupon for. Sweet I love FREE!

I wrote this for the A Better Me team, and I got lots of great responses so I thought I would share.........

We hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoy a very healthy, happy New Year.

2011 is YOUR year to change, face your fears dead on and know that you can do what you set your mind to.

Just make the plan.
Write it out.
Look at it daily.
Speak it out loud daily.
Make mini milestones.
Reward when you reach a time line goal.

Don't just sort do it, as Tony Horton would say........decide what you want and commit to it and watch what happens.

You didn't learn to walk in one day, it takes time to learn how to be healthy but you have to be dedicated to be successful.

Baby steps = big changes over time.

1 less soda
1 less sweet
1 less meal out
1 more veggie
1 more fruit
1 more meal at home

This is your successful year........lets become A Better Me in 2011!

Yesterdays workout:
30 Min Mall walking = 75 cals

Today's workout:
30 Min Mall walking = 75 cals

Bible study group hosting tonight, NO treats for T!


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