Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day Picture Blog

There was no way my MINI Cooper would make it to work today so here are a few pictures of the snow.........enjoy!

We had about 6-7 inches and I think it was all at my house. Yoga for the night class was cancled so my workout was ZERO.

I pulled my left oblique doing plank twists so I need the rest and I worked it hard on Wednesday night Zumba with Diane. I got another 9 rating!

Here are the pictures and I will have the Rachel Mac pic challenge posted by the weekend. Rachel, I have not forgot I am just behind I know its Thursday.

my driveway is between the trees here, can you find it? MINI can't

Flavored coffee for Cindy :-) Marine Mama
Starting my day:

Fresh eggs from a farm, look at the lovely colors of brown

French toast with white chocolate pb and honey topped with a nanner and cinnamon ;-)

My new Jammies I told you about that I got on Wednesday on sale plus with my gift card my cost = $3.21

Me in them :-) cuddly and warm. I love matching jammies for the winter, I know I am a dork!

Dinner was salad and chicken noodle soup. I hope everyone was safe, its back to the office in the morning for 2 hours then vacation.

What was your day like?