Monday, January 24, 2011

Legs. How to work'em

Legs, one of my best features if you think so I have listed some moves to get them.

Legs, one of the hardest for me to work!

I decided that since I hate to work legs I would post some ways that I do work them, even with bad knees.

1. Step ups - any step ups, step class or stair climbers. Plus it works your butt too = better

2. Sumo squats - I like these with a band at the thigh to make them harder but by far easier on the knees

Just check the video I have on knees and you can see them here

3. Ball against the wall squat rolls. Make it more fun by holding then rolling like a pulse they work all areas = bonus

4. Side lunges or back lunges. Most of the time I train walking lunges w/weights because they work great. But can be hard on the knees. So doing a side lunge, then a back lunge you really do a double move with a push off from the side lunge.

5. Plyo - any type, or jumping, jump rope or leap frogs any side to side jumps you name it just be creative all of them work.

6. Ball twists at ankles or knees on your back. Lay down use any size stability ball and rotate in a twist or half clock to the right then left. This uses the inner and outer abductors.

7. Any single leg movement - leaving the one leg up or bent like dead lifts, or dips all wonderful for the legs + tush

If you have a favorite let me know.........

ps: It saddens me that the one and only fitness original icon Jack La Lane has passed, may he RIP

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