Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Super Bowl Eats

I decided to make Tuesday my day off, since I did not get anything in before Bible study. The sad thing about that is they were late and I may have had time for 30 minutes *sigh

Ok, nuff about that.

With Super Bowl only a few weeks away I decided to find some really great snack ideas that would not be super duper fattening.

Super Bowl Eats

I bought an adorable pair of blue shoes on sale for $12 and so I guess I blew my goal of NO shoes in January. Actually I did that with my new Zumba shoes but since those are "work" shoes that make me money it doesn't really count right?

Tonight it is Zumba, lets hope Diane gives me another rating of 9!
In my Zumba shoes of course..............


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