Monday, January 31, 2011

Random Picture Blog

For JoAnne, You always ask me about the treats I serve this is pretty much how I try to do it with 2 items plus coffee and cocoa or water.

Me getting ready for Bible study in my warm up I always wear

The treats this week (the new carmel flavor taste like Girlscout Samoas REALLY ADDICTIVE)

Cut up

Cookies iced oatmeal just look festive and go well with coffee

Then some food I made and the ingredients for my dinner.

Dinner chicken fried rice


Heading out to my girlfriends for movie night Mr. Squirrel wanted to join me!

My outfit for dinner and a movie, ALWAYS about the fashion ;-)

Short patent boots dark socks, with '80s leggings and my new wide belt and Red handbag that I got for Christmas was a great weekend

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  1. Enjoyed your random photos blog, nice composition of pictures and words.