Thursday, January 27, 2011

Practice Makes "Perfect" Zumba

Thats what friends are for, practice! This is me and Diane over the summer, I train her for free. She is my girl Wednesday, and adorable.

Last nights workout was great, and I really had fun. Diane did great on all the moves, she just has to get the hands with the feet now, its tricky.

I decided to do the training dvd Cardio party so she could rate me compared to the pros. She said I was doing really good and everything right.

That made me feel good, and thanks Kelly for keeping me in practice. I love those black shoes I got make a huge difference. All for $9.99.
Practice will make me much better, don't know about "perfect" but I will be as perfect as T can be! (have you seen those Zumba dancers?)

Tonight client = Circuit

Last nights dinner:
2 eggs
1 toast w/jam

Today's smoothie:
Peach juice
2 scoops vanilla whey
1 banana
dash of water

Workout = Zumba cardio party
Time of workout = 60 min
Cals burned = 300

Its supposed to be warm today so I will wash the car and walk a bit.


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