Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shoes and Shred Level 2

The Zumba shoes I bought yesterday look very much like this.

Yesterday I went to Kmart to look for a broil pan since I had this gift card from Christmas. I don't really shop Kmart but I thought I would look around since they did not have the pan I wanted *sigh.

I found some black low profile tennis shoes I think will be perfect for Zumba and they have arches with enough cush in them I believe to work good. I was actually getting laughed at by a little girl, as she walked by and I was doing some salsa down the shoe aisle. She passed me 3 times, I think she wanted to join me or just thought I was crazy not sure.

They look like almost this, same brand only they are thicker on the soles, and a bit higher in profile

The shoes I want to go back and get:

So for $9.99 I bought them and took them home. They have a second pair (see link above) very much like them, only even lower profile.

I may go back and get them and see which I like best. Hum. Still less investment then the $50 dance ones I was looking at.

Any Zumba lovers let me know your thoughts.......

This morning I decided to mix up my workout today since my energy has been zapped from this gloomy wet muggy weather we have been having. It is turning me into the Cookie Monster!

SNOW ALREADY! Enough of this moisture that is killing my breathing just snow and get it over with. Then spring will come and the sun will shine and flowers will bloom and T will be happy!

What I like about this workout is you really can work up a sweat in a short amount of time. I don't go really deep on the lunges and the squats but here is what I remember from the workout.

Tonight is bible study, I will try to get in some 15-20 Zumba with Beto before we start.

Today's smoothie:
1/2 banana
2 scoops Amp Whey chocolate
1 c water

Workout - 30 Day shred Level 2
Time of workout = 25 min
Cals burned = 134

J-jacks = 50 x 2
High knees = 30 sec x 2
Skaters 30 sec x 2
Twists 30 sec x 2

Lunge w/back row - 2 x12 15lb db
Squats w/bicep curls - 12 x2 15lb db
Lunges w/hammer curls - 12 x 2 15lb db
Chair w/lateral forwards - 12 x 2 5lb db

Walking pushups = 12 x 2
Double crunches = 2x 20
Leg lift crunch w/5lb set db overhead = 2 x 20


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