Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kettlebell and Zumba Workout

Here are my workouts from yesterday. Tonight is Yoga class and so I slept in today and watched the story on the homeless man that is now going to be working at Kraft Foods as an announcer. God is great!

Workout - Bob Harper Kettlebell & Zumba Practice Class (My girlfriend rated me a 7)
Time of workout = 30 min
Cals burned = 75 + 150 = 225

30 minute Kettlebell Basics Body Shred Workout
With 25lb Kettlebell

Warm up stretches:
Downward Dog
Side twist
Shoulder stretch with hands on knees
10 regular squats facing a wall - to teach you form

The workout:
10 squats
15 swings
10 row up with squat
6 single arm swings
10 upward row
10 swings
30 sec jumping jacks
10 -1 arm swings R & L
5 - single arm x 2
20 alt swings
10 pop ups
5 halos x 2 direction
5 twist pop up cleans x 2
3 clean press x 2
10 swings

5 single leg rows x 2

Round out back
Open chest with hands on hips

7 Balance row single leg x 2

Forward bend
Open chest stretch hands on hips

5 overhead triangle x 2 (I had to use a 15lb db this was too hard)
5 low hand triangle x 2 (again 15lb db modify)

10 upward rows
20 front swings

Cool down stretches
Hands on leg forward hamstring stretch
Back clasp stretch

45 min Zumba practice class W/ girlfriend


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