Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boxing Fitness Workout

Good news, I got 2 more clients......Praise God! No contract yet but coming back next week for sure. They love that I am older and know my stuff......woot woot!

Workout this morning = NONE
Tonight = Zumba
when I get home before Bible study, no worries I had a great workout last night and I am sore. Good news my oblique is on the mend so I think I will be ok this week to train the rest of my clients on Wednesday and Thursday.

I was off work on Monday, and did not go to the gym I did my workout at home just so that I would not aggravate my oblique injury. Yeah, I get aggressive with the heavy weights at the gym ;-)

Monday workout:
Workout - Yoga & Boxing (with 2 new clients)
Time of workout = 30 mins + 1 hr
Cals burned = 133 + 227 = 360

Did exercisetv.com workout Hatha Yoga love this FREE workout!
The trainer is very good at direction and to modify as needed.

Trained clients boxing one on one 1 hour Fitness Boxing Session here is how it goes:

30 min hitting the bag opposite sides
Jumping rope 5 min on jump pad

1 min interval shadow boxing in mirror w/1 lb wt
-upper cuts

Back to bag:
Bob and weave w/jabs
Higher lower 1 - 2's
Hooks with alt side stands

Cool down stretch on the TRX system. This system is GREAT for stretch and flexibility not to mention everything you can do with it. (worth the money)


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