Friday, January 28, 2011

Rachel Mac Pic Challenge

OPPS! I forgot to take my Rachel Mac Pic Challenge pictures since I had a 6pm client. I will take them Saturday Morning and post. Promise Rach :-)
(it is a 12 week challenge to take a pic per week as she is competing in the Arnold this year)

There are no big changes as I did my stats today and they are the same, weight today 125. I had carbs last night for dinner always brings my body fat high. I also will have carbs tonight for girls movie night we are having Chinese rice.

I still missed every morning workout this week, even my Zumba 20 min practice. But I am ok with that because this week and weekend we have much warmer weather and it will be buh bye F-U-N-K-Y winter blahh.

Used my higher heal Zumba shoes last night to train since we did some boxing and I am totally loving them. Best $10 ever spent! No shin problems or anything who knew a cheap shoe would be so good? Lucky T for finding them.

Plus my sweet client said I look adorable, I will take some pics in my Cami pants and Zumba shoes this weekend. I am really behind on that stuff.

Ever wonder why the work week goes so slllllllow and the weekends fly?

Me too!

This mornings blueberry nanner D-lish smoothie:
1 banana
20 blue berries fresh
3/4 cup water
2 scoops vanilla whey protein

Workout = Circuit w/client
Time of workout = 45 mins
Cals burned = 302

45 Minute Circuit:
1 min intervals - its tough!

Kettlbells used 12lb, 20lb, 25lb all jumps had lateral moves as well.

Warm up:
Side to side w/reach ups and reach overs
Sumo squat w/toe heal raises
Standing hamstring stretch
Shoulder triceps stretch

Jumping jacks w/side to side
Kettlebell swings
Tricep dips
Jump twists
Dead lifts w/kettlebell 25lb
Med ball throws 6lb
Step up w/5lb bicep curl and lateral lifts (I did 15lb curls)
Kettle bell switching swings
Med ball pass twists 6lb
TRX Plank to v leg to crunch in
15lb db bench press
TRX squats
Boxing rounds 1-2 high lows
Boxing round 1-2 bob and weave

Cool down:
Side lunge
Standing back curls and shoulder press to knees
Reach ups and across
Shoulder stretch and tricep w/side bend bonus
Wide leg standing stretch head down arms folded rocking
TRX standing back stretch


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