Monday, February 22, 2010

P90X Day 77, with a 1 Day Setback!

With less then 2 weeks to go, going out of town put me 1 day behind on my P90X program. Good news, my taxes are DONE!

How did I do this weekend at the fat farm? (that is what I lovingly call my mom's house because she is a chocoholic) Lets reflect......

Taxes Done! (mailed off today woo woo)

2 mini candy bars

Breakfast, 2 mini pancakes ugh! but paired this with whey protein

12oz tea

Pasta dinner w/ small roll

3 servings of protein per day

6 cups water daily

8 1/2 sleep

No workout Saturday or Sunday (I can consider 1 day an off day)

Lots of mom time

I stayed in line with all macros but the choice of foods were not the best, but I did much better then in the past.

Here is my workout today, and I teach class tonight cardio, maybe kickboxing. I upped my weights from 7lb to 10lbs this week, woo woo.

Smoothie coffee vanilla banana:

1/2 cup cold coffee
1 1/2 c skim
3 scoops vanilla ice cream whey
2 bananas

P90X Legs & Back Day 77

Time of workout = 60 mins
Wt - 119.5
Cals burned = ?

25 balance lunge
25 calve raise squats - 10lb db
15 reverse grip chin ups
25 super skaters
1 min wall squats
15 wide pullups
30 step back lunges - 10lb db
24 alt side lunges - 10lb db
15 close grip over hand pull ups - asst
1 min single leg wall squats
20 single leg dead lift squats each leg w/5lb db
20 switch grip pullups
30 3-way lunge
20 sneaky lunges - walking lunges on tip toes
15 reverse chin ups
2x30 sec chair salutation
20 toe roll ISO lunges each leg
12 wide front pullups - asst
45 sec Groucho walk - wide squat walk
15 slow, 10 fast calve raises - heals in 10lb db
15 slow, 10 fast calve raises - reg 10lb db
15 slow, 10 fast calve raises - heals out 10lb db
15 close grip over hand pullups
30 80-20 Siebers speed squats - 1 leg down, 1 tip toe
10 switch grip pullups asst

Getting the Rockstar Body.........

ps here is some QUICK stress busting stretches that work!

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  1. You and these smoothies! YUM, YUM! My taxes have been done and I got my return thank God, too!

    Thanks for all the love means ALOT! Hopefully will have some good news next week! We'll see...its the judges once your up on stage!

    Keep kicking it and have a great week!