Friday, February 19, 2010

P90X Day 76 Round 2

Would this be super-duper awesome to do this pose or WHAT?

I have a picture of me in Daytona standing like this with the palm trees in a row but this just RAWKS! I can't even get through the whole 1 and 1/2hrs of P90X yoga, let alone attempt this but I can dream right?

Today, Yoga and just 14 More days to go round 2 will be done!

This week, my diet has been too high in fat and my body stats show that. I had some ice cream. Oh and a cookie too....Ugh. Then this weekend I will be at mom's, the FAT FARM! I have to pack my protein and a "cattle prod" so that I don't touch any of her candy and treats. Yup, she's a chocoholic!

No smoothie today (your safe Mary, and you only have a few more weeks and you can go back to having yours :-) so I am NOT going to tempt you today lol)

I actually had a 1/2 Mcmuffin that a vendor brought and the microwave at work is broke! I ate the egg white, and cheese and part of the muffin. I must admit it was the WORST breakfast I ever had. (I should have drank my protein too before I left the house)

NOTE TO SELF: This is the reason you should PLAN healthy meals

Here is my workout and my body stats:

P90X Round 2 Classic Day 76

Workout - P90X Yoga
Mood - Relaxed
Wt - 119.5
Time of workout - 40 minutes
Cals = 86

Weekly Stats:
WT - 119.5
BF% 23.8
BMI 20.5

Moutain pose
Reverse Swan
Downward Dog
Runners Pose
Cresent Pose
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Warrior 3
Twisting Triangle
Twisting Chair

Getting the Rockstar Body........


  1. DANG>>>>>that photo makes me hurt! WOW!
    Just the sound of egg white and muffin in the same sentence! :)
    Thanks for the love on my page girl..its why I do what I do..I love YOU all so much!
    Have a fantastic weekend.......down to the wire for me...Pray I come back with GREAT news to share! :)

  2. I'm struggling to get my fats down as well...