Tuesday, February 16, 2010

30 Minute Circuit

Here is what I taught at my class last night, and we did this to my Zumba music. Fun and fast 150 calorie burn!

Here are my moves we did, everyone is getting really good at wall squats! Thanks Jan for calling me JM last night, it made my day *giggle. I also added an EXTRA 15 seconds to the plank move, great job team!

30 Minute circuit w/body strength training

1 Minute cardio intervals followed by
30 second body strength training recovery

Warm up:
Glute kicks, arms lower, upper and side
Shoulder rolls forward and back
Neck rolls right, left and down w/arms pushed outward

Cardio Moves:
Shuffle shoot the baskets
Jumping jacks
Jump rope
1 minute arm punches

Body strength training moves:
3 way calve lifts - 20 seconds
25-20 pushups
2 sets 1 minute Wall squats
2 sets 1 minute planks

Stretches and cool down:
Laying bent knee hamstring
Back rollers

I can't wait to get over this cold, I am getting back to my P90X tommorow no matter what!

Todays workout:
Nothing yet - Still on recovery
(last 2 weeks of P90X its killing ME!)

Todays Smoothie:
Banana blueberry.......yum!

1/2 banana
1 scoop vanilla ice cream whey
1/4 C blue berries
1 cup soy

Getting the Rockstar Body........


  1. Hey girl...great post by you also!!! Thanks for showing love on my blog! GREATLY appreciate it! YES in March Issue of Oxygen in the Future of Fitness section!!!!



  2. P.S. SMOOTHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I would kill for a smoothie right now! Almost show time then CARBS!!!!! Well in moderation! :)