Monday, February 8, 2010

P90X Only 19 Days Left!

With only 19 more workouts I am getting pumped up!!! Kicking Tony Horton to the curb 2 x is going to make T. a very happy person. (I forgot to post this on Friday)

*Note today is Monday, the day after super bowl. We have snow, I did not do my morning workout of P90X. I am teaching Kickboxing and Power Yoga class tonight for my workout. I was Off on Sunday and did Stretch (like a good girly).

Fridays post 2/5:
Woo woo, I am off work again today, I am getting ready to workout and I feel great.

Good new is the MINI dealer gave me $60 off my service and my doctor is waiving my next $50 visit co-pay, all praise to GOD! Oh, how did I get the money discounts.......I asked! As God says, ask and you shall receive. Its been a very tight $ month, and prayer is the answer to my saving $110.

Monday 2/8:
Kickboxing & Power Yoga class teaching this tonight at 5.30pm

Sunday 2/7
P90X Stretch (off day)

Here are my workouts the last 3 days and YES I had a few diet slip ups. *insert tail between legs here*

1. animal crackers 1/2 bag
2. 1 poptart
3. homemade brownie (I still love you pastor Stephanie)

My FIERCE FEBRUARY SUPPORT TEAM please keep on me!!! I need YOUR support!!! I have got to kick the sugar to the curb to reach my goal, its just a week till Valentines day.....YIKES!

HELP T. HELP T. HELP T. Stay strong against evil sugar!

Today's stats:

WT- 120
BF% 22.4
BMI 20.7

Today's workout:
P90X Kenpo Day 71

getting ready to do that right now

Pre-workout smoothie snack:
I added cinnamon for a nice little twist......yum!

1/2 banana
1 scoop whey
1 c silk
1 tsp cinnamon

Thursdays workout: (and I might add that I did more lbs and reps on this then last weeks)
P90X Legs & Back Day 70

Time of workout = 60 mins
Wt - 120
Cals burned = ?

25 balance lunge
25 calve raise squats
15 reverse grip chin ups
25 super skaters
1 min wall squats
15 wide pullups
30 step back lunges 7lb db
24 alt side lunges
15 close grip over hand pull ups - asst
1 min single leg wall squats
20 single leg dead lift squats each leg w/5lb db
20 switch grip pullups
30 3-way lunge
20 sneaky lunges - walking lunges on tip toes
15 reverse chin ups
2x30 sec chair salutation
20 toe roll ISO lunges each leg
12 wide front pullups - asst
45 sec Groucho walk - wide squat walk
15 slow, 10 fast calve raises - heals in 10lb db
15 slow, 10 fast calve raises - reg 10lb db
15 slow, 10 fast calve raises - heals out 10lb db
15 close grip over hand pullups
30 80-20 Siebers speed squats - 1 leg down, 1 tip toe
10 switch grip pullups asst

Wednesdays workout:
P90X Round 2 Day 69

Workout - P90X Yoga
Mood - Relaxed pumped
Wt - 120
Time of workout - 45 minutes
Cals = 97

Moutain pose
Reverse Swan
Downward Dog
Runners Pose
Cresent Pose
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Warrior 3 - Reverse
Twisting Triangle
Twisting Chair
Knee to chin

Getting the Rockstar Body.............

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