Wednesday, February 10, 2010

16 Days To Go Round 2 P90X!

She's........gone! Lets see if Lance can carry the torch and win or not. Here is my take on last nights BL. Will there be drama, with the Queen gone?

Today its back in the saddle with Tony Horton! I had a great nights sleep and was ready to go this morning, kicking day 73 in the butt!

Just knowing I only have 16 more workouts to go is making T. very giddy and happy *insert happy dance here

Guess I am getting used to the new diet again, back to plain oats with cottage cheese and I LIKE IT! Sometimes when you get away from a combo and you learn to love it more. Hum, wonder is that where that saying "you always miss what you can't have" comes from?

My workout smoothie today....D-E-L-I-S-H!
Very vanilla and cinnamony (is that a word?)

1 Scoop 100% gold standard Whey Vanilla ice cream - My new fav flavor!
1/2 banana
1 1/2 cup Vanilla Soy - Silk (I usually buy plain)
1/2 cup plain yogurt (hence the extra cinnamon, T. hates plain yogurt uggg)
3 tbs cinnamon (you read that right 3!)

(I may add some coffee to this recipe at the end of the week, I think it will taste like a vanilla spice latte don't you?)

P90X Round 2 Classic Day 73

Chest, shoulders and triceps
Mood - Rrrrrumble!
Wt - 121 (holy cow my weight is climbing up and up!)
Time of workout = 45 min
Cals burned = ?

3x10 slow motion pushups 3 in 1 (military, wide)
4 slow fast
10 fast (5 girly)
15 - 7lb In and out shoulder flys
25 chair dips
10 - 4 reg & 6 girly plange pushups (wrist killers!)
7 pike press (head to the floor on tippy toes pushups TOUGH)
X - side tri-rise - skipped....WARNING this is how I tore my arm
2x8 floor flys
10 scare crows - make a Y upper movement shoulder
10 - 2 10lb db overhead tricep extensionis
2x8 two twitch pushups - I did without plate
10 - 10lb Y shape - shoulder press wide grip

10 - 10lb lying tricep extensions
10 side to side pushups
12 - 5lb pour flys
12 - 10lb seated side leaning tricep extensions
2 one arm pushups + 12 regular pushups
2x10 - 3lb weighted arm circles
12 - 7lb throw the bomb
10 clap pushups girly
10 - 7lb slo-mo throw
10 - 5lb front to back tricep extension
10 one arm balance pushup
10 - 7lb fly row press
30 - 5lb dumb bell cross body blows

Getting the Rockstar Body.........

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  1. Gosh that shake sounds AMAZING! Too bad I cant enjoy the recipe (for now)!!!!! I was watching the Biggest Loser last night! Love that show!
    Have a great day!!!! and thanks for the recipe!!!!!