Monday, February 1, 2010

P90X Day 67..its FIERCE February!

Its Fierce February!

I am going to kick it up a notch and get some GREAT results this month! Have to! Point blank! NO excuses! I am going to have to be very mindful of my diet this month! NO cheats, so the goal is kick the sugar to the curb. Yes that darn cellulite forming fabulous sugar has got to become my enemy! Uggg....note all the exclamation points? Im holding at 22.3% body fat, which is because of diet.

Today my legs were hurting and I can feel the results of my Rockstar weekend workouts. I teach Kickboxing class tonight, but I will still count today as my off day.

Mondays workout:
Off day
30 Minute Kickboxing
Cals burned = 271

5 miles = 60 minutes
Cals burned = 585

Saturday (doubles):
am workout gym cardio/pm workout home ST

Elliptical 25 mins
Yoga 45 min (P90X Day 67)
Cals burned = 315

P90X Round 2 Classic Day 66 (part 2)

Chest, shoulders and triceps
Mood - Rrrrrumble!
Wt - 120
Time of workout total workouts = 1hrs 40 min
Cals burned = 315

12 - 7lb lying tricep extensions
7 side to side pushups
12 - 5lb pour flys
12 - 10lb seated side leaning tricep extensions
2 one arm pushups + 12 regular pushups
2x10 - 3lb weighted arm circles
12 - 7lb throw the bomb
10 clap pushups girly
10 - 7lb slo-mo throw
10 - 5lb front to back tricep extension
10 one arm balance pushup
10 - 7lb fly row press
30 - 5lb dumb bell cross body blows

Getting the Rockstar Body........

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  1. What is really interesting about workouts at this level is they (in my opinion) do more for the mind than the body. I keep my workouts much shorter and intense because I work so much. I have used things from Tony Horton videos that really crank out the intensity for me like corn cob and towel pullups.

    I look at a workout like the one you shared and think... how could a person do that and still stress out over anything?

    Thanks for sharing it.

    You are building a rockstar mind possibly too?

    Kindest regards,
    Tom Bailey