Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Frosty Caused Me To Miss My Workout...*sigh!

Frosty caused my to miss my workout today!

Yup we ended up with about 4-6" in STL which is not as bad as some areas but I had to get up early, and miss my workout! Today was shoulders and arms and I like that workout, so the goal is after work. Tony Horton and I have a date prior to Biggest loser.

Workout so far - ZERO!

Thank goodness the snow held off and I got in class last night, with 6 students. Well that was fine by me, I was glad so many showed up.....really I was doubting with the forcast.

40 Min Kickboxing
20 Min Power yoga

I wrote a new program and it flowed pretty darn good.

Walking alt jabs L & R w/speed bag hops
Center marches with J Jacks
Punch combo: Double cross R, Double cross L, Upper cut R, Upper cut L, Single cross R, Single cross L

Walking jabs L & R w/speed bag hops
Center marches with front Kicks
Punch combo Repeat
Traveling Kicks, with jabs

Power Yoga flow through:
Walk down to plank - hold 30 sec
Chatarunga to updog to plank (repeat 6 times)
Childs pose (30 seconds)
Head stand hold with bent knee, back to childs pose
Walk up to Chair (1 minute hold)
Forward bend with hands behind knees stretch
Warrior 1,2 and reverse
Triangle L and R (hold 1 minute each side)

I only had 1 student thats older that could not do all the moves, the rest I was very proud of them!

Getting the Rockstar Body..........

Here is how to shovel snow safe, warm up and cool down moves.


  1. Thanks so much for that information..
    I wonder after a year why I'm struggling, never before. I managed to lose the weight and maintain for many months,now this change.

    I'm allowed 29 points to lose weight and 35 to maintain.
    I joined a calorie site out of desperation and it tells me to have 1 800 calories, but that does not even add up to my 29 points...if I had to eat my 29 I would go over 1 800
    I burn an average of 395 - 425 calories in an hour of cardio..when I did my fitness test on HR monitor it says I'm Elite - I cant imagine
    cutting back on my food anymore...I have breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner....so confusing.
    I am in pre menopause...been 5 months since my last period???

  2. Seems like you may be in the right cal range for yourself right now. But I would incorporate HIIT just to keep the body confused during cardio sessions, 30-90-30.

  3. How would I do that in the gym - could you give me an example...would 90 mins be walking..??