Tuesday, February 2, 2010

P90X Round 2 Classic Day 68

(this is NOT me)
As a rule, I never ever work my biceps. Never do/did because I do so many other concentrated moves that involve them I just don't do it. I love my shoulders and the strength I already have in them, however I could get them "buff" if I wanted to since I build easy and fast. Nope I would rather have nice glutes and spend the time there, round is very good there no?

Day 1 no sugar completed!

I loved..loved...loved this workout, its strong & FIERCE......I RAWKED it out!
I even broke out the 25lb DB and cranked up the pullups, I was TOTALLY in the mood to rrrrrumble with some muscletude!

P90X Round 2 Classic Day 68

Back & Biceps
Mood - FIERCE!
Wt - 120
Time of workout = 55 min
Cals burned = ?

20 wide front pullups
8 - 25lb lawn mowers
21 - 10lb twenty ones - bicep curl 1/2ways
20 - 10lb 1 arm cross body curls
20 - switch grip pullups
10- 25lb elbow out lawn mowers
15 - 10lb standing bicep curl
12- 10lb 1 arm concentration curls
12 corn cob pullups (up vere right, then left then down)
20 -10lb reverse grip bent over rows
15 -10lb open arm curls
16 -10lb static arm curls

1 - min break

6 towel pushups (yoga sticky towel rocked this!)
40 congdon locomotives (alt to ground rows)
15 - 10lb crouching cohen curls
20 - 10lb - 1 arm cork screw curls
20 chin ups
15 - 10lb seated bent over back flys
15 - 10lb bicep curl up hammer down
15 - 10lb hammer curls
12 max pullups (inside grip)
5 supermans
12 - 10lb in and out hamer curls
4x10 strip set curls (10lb,7lb,5lb,3lb)

Getting the Rockstar Body........

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  1. Nice arms chica!!!!! I did P90x myself when it first came out! I am in my hungry mode! These last four weeks are crunch time...icing my knee I over extended sprinting YIPEE!
    Have a great day girl!