Thursday, May 28, 2009

P90X Week 4 Day 4 - Stretch

Week 4 Day 4 P90X Stretch

I also did my official weigh in stats this morning because I won't be on line the rest of the week. Tomorrow I have ear surgery at 7am, and may be back on line on Sunday??? Not sure. All my numbers are down that's a good thing, and I have been on more carbs this week since I did not food shop I have had PB sandwich for lunch all 3days with the short week. I was not sure how that would effect my numbers this week.

I am ok with this doctor, he did the surgery on my other ear. I feel good about that but I hate being put out, even if its just out-patient. I have to be there at the un-earthly hour of 6.15am which means a 5am wake up call. Sheesh, that's early even for T.

No run last night, I was hoping for some extra cardio since I won't be working out a few days. Rain and more rain in STL its been hammered, driving home was a real mission! I had a good chiropractor visit and had them do the stem on my neck as well it feels much better today too. I figured laying in bed I will be stiff and bored out of my mind, I best get a book to read too.

Here is my workout:
Workout - P90X Stretch
Mood - Relaxed
Wt -119
BF% - 22.7%
BMI% - 20.4%
Time of workout = 40 Mins Cals burned = ?
Time = 40 Mins

Static Stretches:

Neck Back up the car Head rolls Chest, back and shoulder stretch combo Topas Wrist, forearm Back wrist Dreya forearm stretch Arm circles Shoulder tris

Ballistic stretches:

Shake outs Hug yourself high-low

Static Stretches:

Reaches Back/front stroke Side stretch Roller Seated spinal stretch Cat stretch Glute stretch - I did this hand behind hamstring not knee Wide feet forward bend - I did this arms closed Triangle

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........