Monday, May 18, 2009

5K Bulldog Dash T. Places 3rd

T. wins 3rd Place Class 5K Bulldog Dash

This race was for a school located in Germantown Illinois, its all about the kids. The metal is really cute it has the schools mascot of a bulldog on it and its on a white ribbon, I was shocked to get a win on my first official 5k race. Out of the 3 of us that ran, I was the only one to place and I was the slowest too. My time was 28.3 class 44-49 however I am not a fast runner, I am more a long distance and a basic cardio queen so to speak. It was a nice day for the run, and a very good cause. The champ was from Jamacia and ran a 5.2 mile. WOW!

Today I started Week 3 day 1 of P90X and am doing the Lean Program.

It was Core Synergistics, and just as tough as the others. I liked most of the moves on this especially the squat runs and prison pushups. Those prison pushups are like a burpe, so you get a full core body workout sweet! Also did regular pushups, not modified today.

Here are my workouts:
5/16 P90X Ab Ripper
5K run - T. won 3rd place in class nice suprise!

45 Min walk

5/18 P90X Core synergistics - I started the Lean Version
Mood - Sleepy
Wt - 122
Time of workout - 30 mins

Today I did 30 minutes of this 60 minute workout. Its tough, and I was still sore so the lunges were a KILLER!

2x7 Stacked pushups
1 Min -Banana curls - I did Superman's instead
24 - Crescent reach lunge
1 Min - Squat run w/3lb DB - love these
5 - Sphinx pushups
15 Bow to boats
24 Low Lateral skaters
24 Lunge & reach
5 Prison Pushups - these are like a mountain climber in between
30 - Side hip raises

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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