Friday, May 15, 2009

P90X Week 2 Day 5 - Legs & Back

P90X Week 2 day 5 - Legs & Back
Kicking my workout up a notch! I have a 3K run tomorrow morning for charity. Today I felt pretty good getting into the workout, staying positive. However it does not take long for this intense leg workout to effect my knees. So being mindful of form I had to ease back a bit. I was supposed to do the Ab Ripper (20 Min's + 58 min Back &Legs = 78 Min's) after this workout and did not have time. Most of the workouts for this Classic program are 1 1/2 hours long which is hard for me to devote during the week in the mornings. I have been managing anywhere from 35-50 minutes and feel like I am getting a good workout in. I am sure I will NOT be getting the results on the cover box without devoting that much time, and eating correctly. I also wonder if next week I should switch to the Lean version. It would be nice to look like that in 90 days, but truefully all my goals are is 19% body fat and look like a Rockstar not Tony Horton by my birthday.
For weeks now I have been wanting 2 others programs, yes I am a program fanatic. Two workouts T. Wants:
One my friend just got and started with Billy's program I can't wait to hear about it. Maybe you have seen the info commercials, it is NOT a Beach body program. Then there is ChaLEAN, which is by Beach body that I also want to try that my Beach body coach Jen is doing. Here is my Beach body page:
If anyone is doing either of these programs, please let me know your progress and how you like it.
Here is my workout today:
Workout - P90X Classic Back & Legs (Week 2 Day 5)
Mood - Focused and mindful
Wt - 121.5
Time of workout - 35 Min's
I did only 1 set of each of these since I did 1/2 the workout. These are the reps.
10 Balance Chair lunge - first set with toes up, second toes down
20 Calve raise squats - 5lbs
10 Wide pull up w/band (then I did 10 push ups I was not feeling the band today so for all pull ups I did modified push ups instead)
25 Super Skaters - I did w/toe touching
1 Min Wall squats
15 Modified push ups
15 Back lunges - 5lbs
25 Alt Side Lunge
15 modified push ups
15 Balance chair lunges
1 Min Single leg wall squats - switch leg per 10 secs
20 Dead lift squats
My Stats: Wt - 121.5
BF% - 22.5
BMI% 20.8
I will take the lower body fat over the higher scale number any day. I was happy to be staying in the 22's and the lower end even better after last weeks numbers. Lets hope this means I am increasing my lean body fat percent. I will check that at the end of the month.
Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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