Wednesday, May 6, 2009

P90X Day 4 - YOGA

This morning P90X Day 4 - YOGA
I only did 15 minutes this morning, I should have got up earlier. Since I went to dinner right after work, I did not get home till 8.30 then I was on a conference call and I was not able to do my yoga for the day 4. I put the DVD in and to my surprise it is 1hr and 30 minutes long, so I am going to finish it tonight.
I got all the workout sheets downloaded so now I can enter in all the data and do the workout according to the program, thanks to friend Su!

Park workout - Cardio inclines 30 Min's
3x30 walking incline lunges
3x30 18" step ups
3x30 18" step off lunges
100 obliques side bent knees

5/6Day 4 P90X - Yoga
15 Min's - this is 1hr 30 Min's I will have to finish it tonight, and move this to a weekend workout due to the length.
Wt - 119
Mood - Sluggish
Time - 15 minutes that felt GREAT!

I got in side bends, and saluation to downward facing dog. That is one of my favorite moves, it awakens the whole body. I am looking forward to finishing it. I can't really give my kudos on this yet but will tomorrow.
Here is a link that I use for yoga that you may find useful.
Not sure what lunch will hold today due to the weather.

Off to get the Rockstar Body.........

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