Friday, May 1, 2009

P90X Day 1 Body Fat% 22.2


My body fat percent is 22.2 the lowest I have ever had since starting my training it is down 1.1% from last weeks stats. Doing the happy dance! GO T.

WT- 119

BF% 22.2

BMI% 20.4

This is the machine I use, and I measure the same every week, naked and at the same time after my Friday morning workout. If you stay consistent you can compare you stats more accurate. You know like apples to apples so to speak.

I have always been at a healthy range but I am going for Rockstar Body now at age 46! I used this picture because all the others had such low numbers on the picture its not very realistic, its tough to get at 19% body fat where I want to be at. I even had the last of my angel food cake last night, so buh bye sugar! I do love sugar but its evil on the body if your training, so try to avoid it at all possible ways. Try fruit or yogurt instead, thank goodness spring is here and fruit is looking much better.

P90X Day 1

Today's workout was Chest and Back, not going to lie very tough.

On the first set I completed 77 push ups and 85 rows & 75 banded pull ups. I did only about 50% on set 2. 10 diamonds this set.

38 push ups, 40 rows and 90banded pull ups. 3 diamonds this set.

I don't have a pull up bar and I am still injured so I am easing into this workout like a real beginner. I am using a resistance band like the one guy does, so don't worry if you don't have a bar you can improvise like I did. I also did all push ups on my knees girly style. Its ok, I am still tough but not stupid! Hey its taken me 12 weeks to recover with my shoulder and I miss my workouts on my upper body FIERCE!

I am feeling really good after yesterdays 3 mile run at lunch, I did that in 30 minutes and my knees feel good. I plan on doing this P90X for the next 90 days plus other workouts so I should get some awsome results.

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

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