Monday, May 4, 2009

P90X PLYO Workout


I only did the first 40 minutes of this Plyo workout, its TOUGH!

This workout will have you sweating your tail off! My favorite moves are the double hymans, frog jumps and ski moves. Anyway you count this, its all jumps and balance all for 30 seconds each, except for the last move is 1 minute. Oh you will feel this burn, no JOKE! I can use a massage now SERIOUSLY!

I sure missed my laptop over the weekend, but I got it this morning and lets hope its going to run better now. It does not have a virus or anything like that just some small annoying problems. I will test it with the wi-fi tonight and hope its running much faster now. It took me a bit to log all my food and I really had a nice productive yard weekend. I got all my hostas moved, mulch in and my yuccas removed. Also Jeff from church is going to haul away the dead tree that I have been dreading getting rid of. Today I am grateful. I was able to bless someone a church with a ticket to the Women of Faith convention, she will be so happy. She and her family did not have the money and I know she really wanted to go and I can't wait for her to be there with all of us in June. Instead of spending the $40 on a pedicure I gave myself a cotton candy french pedicure and put that part of the money towards the ticket. Of course I don't do as good of a job, but the giving was so worth it.

We got many household things done, so I did not do my videos I had planned and will try to do those this week. One is a desk workout the other a band workout. I am doing P90X for the next 90 days.......

Here are my workouts:

5/2 Workout - Cardio & Pilates

Mood - Happy Wt - 118

Time in Gym - 1hr 15 Min's

Cals burned - 315

30 Min's on stair climber straight cardio session

20 Min's Level 15 resistance 4

10 Min's Level 12 resistance 4

45 min pilates

5/3 Workout - P90X Plyo

Mood - Ready Wt - 119

Time of workout - 40 Min's

Cals burned - I have no idea but thought I would DIE!

Ok this one was tough on the knees, and I did not complete the full workout. I am not sure if next time I do it I will be able to complete it but I will is the mother of all workouts like they say. I modified most of the moves, where they touched the ground I touched only my knees. I even had on my knee braces but felt if I did this, it may put me out of commission so I stopped. Thank goodness tonight is arms & shoulders.

5/4 Off day

However I am going to do P90X tonight after work as my saturday workout, this will be day 3.

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

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